Self-Designed Study Away Proposal


The Self-Designed Proposal is required for students who seek to meet the FDM study away requirement through participating in non-FDM study away programs.

Students interested in a self-designed study away program must meet with Dr. Kim Hahn BEFORE submitting the proposal.

In meeting the FDM study away requirement through a self-designed program, students are expected to gain meaningful engagement in study away experiences that meet the Global Learning Objectives.


Steps for Completing a Self-Designed Study Away Program:

  1. Meet with Dr. Kim Hahn ( to discuss the process and program of choice.
  2. Complete the Online Proposal Form.
  3. Complete the Signature Form (found on the Proposal Form).
  4. Submit a Program Description of the experience and planned assessment. 
  5. Participate in your study away program.
  6. Submit a Reflection Essay


Proposal Due Date

Proposals should be submitted no later than six weeks prior to departure. Students who submit proposals later than this will be reviewed, but approval may not be granted before departure.



Q: Can I write the proposal on a study away experience that I have already done?

A: Yes, if the proposal is written following an experience it must be submitted within 6 months of the end of the experience.


Q: When should transfer students submit the proposal?

A: Transfer students must submit the proposal within their first semester at The Fashion School.