Megan Rogerson

"The exposure and knowledge gained from traveling is more impactful than anything learned in a classroom setting. Students receive a greater global outlook of the fashion industry and how it impacts people all over the world. In my current work, I often find myself referring to my study away experience. Especially in manufacturing, study away has put into perspective the production capabilities of the different European countries. My experience made me more adaptable to change, taught me cross-cultural communication skills, and gave me the confidence to travel."

Study Away Program: Florence, Italy

Organization: ELOQUII (Columbus, OH)

Position: Planning Analyst

Dani Ritter

"My time abroad changed my life. I came away from the experience with a reignited passion not only for the fashion industry, but my personal life. 

When applying for college, I knew that I wanted to study away. Kent's Fashion School simplified the process and made me feel confident, comfortable, safe, and cared for at all times. Traveling is my greatest passion in life, and Kent allowed me to explore that. 

In the Summer of 2019 I completed my internship with American Eagle Outfitters Inc. at their corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am happy to say that I will be returning to them as an Assistant Merchant upon graduation. My time away gave me the confidence and refreshed passion required to succeed in the fashion industry. My study away experience will stick with me for the rest of my life, and continue to aid me as I travel for both my career and my personal pleasure."

Study Away Program: Florence, Italy

Zachary Tatoczenko

"While in Italy I had an internship with Viajiyu that focused on shoes and accessories. I was able to use my time in Florence to improve my design process and step out of my comfort zone.

New York was also an amazing experience working with H by Halston, learning how a corporate environment operates and purchases fabrics, and seeing the textile trade function before my eyes. Both experiences helped me greatly, opening my eyes to change in the fashion industry, along with the necessary requirements to go out into the industry after graduation in May 2020."

Study Away Program: Florence, Italy and New York Studio

Liz Lamanna

"The Florence program inspired me to add an international business minor to my degree, and my career goal is now to work for a global company. 

The internships and networking opportunities in the New York program was vital to my success in the fashion industry. My internship supervisor from Zac Posen recommended me for a position with Giorgio Armani. I have since moved to a wholesale licensing company, but without those stepping stones I would not be where I am today."

Study Away Programs: Florence, Italy and New York Studio

Organization: One Jeanswear Group

Position: Wholesale Sales Assistant for Jessica Simpson and Ella Moss

Christina Davis

"Studying in Germany opened many doors and taught me many life skills. It made me more aware of my surroundings, granted me a network of close friends and business contacts, and showed me a world bigger than Kent, Ohio, and the United States. I am the first person in my family to leave the United States.

Since graduating I moved to Utrecht, Netherlands and worked as an Online Branding Intern at a fashion start-up called Otrium. I have since started my own design studio and foundry in branding, graphic design, and art direction." 

Study Away Program: Reutlingen, Germany

Organization: Honcho Studio (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Position: Owner and Graphic Designer