Summer Academy Application

Thank you for your interest in the First Star Kent State Academy. 

For consideration as a participant, please download, print, complete and return the full application. You can download the two-part application in entirety or select to download just the portion of the form you are completing, if you are completing the form over the course of multiple working sessions. Complete the form (both the Adult Recommendation and Student Background & Responses). Complete the applications by February 26, 2021


There are two ways you can complete your application: 

  1. Complete and submit via two online forms, linked below. 
    • You will receive a confirmation number for each form submission. 
    • You will receive a copy of each form submission emailed to you. 
  2. Download and print the word documents, linked below.

Online Forms 

Adult Recommendation Form  Student Background and Responses Form

  • You will receive a confirmation number and a copy of your forms at the email address provided in the forms. 
  • Submit by February 26, 2021

Downloadable Forms 

Full Application

Full Application (WORD)

Form by Section

Adult Recommendation (WORD)    Student Background & Responses (WORD)

Email Submissions

Upload Your Scanned Documents

Deadline and Inclusions

Upon completion of the application, be certain to email the complete form by February 26, 2021. The full application packet that you email to  or upload must include:

  • The Full Application
  • Adult Recommendation
  • Student Background and Responses
  • Student’s most recent transcript, attendance record and discipline log from current school.