• Updated notification process for unregistered students
  • Added a "High Pin" alert for users with too many pinned items on My Dashboard (which may degrade performance)
  • Updated old CDN URL paths on FlashLine and the login page
  • Updated Class Schedule data endpoints


  • Updated Class Schedule to reflect the number of classes on each day or week
  • Fixed a login bug impacting users with too many cookies
  • Added new settings to widgets to limit the number of items visible when needed


  • Added Mental Health Resources to the Student Resources page
  • Created special promotional banners for Open Enrollment
  • Improved Class Schedule moving timeline and theming


  • Enhanced login security on Microsoft Edge
  • Added a Library icon link to the top menu
  • Improved the accuracy of moving and pinning items in My Dashboard


  • Created a rotating banner content type to display multiple banners at once
  • Improved the dashboard loading experience for the selected theme
  • Made accessibility improvements to the event calendar