• Additional security improvements
  • Accessibility improvements for top and left menus
  • Updated link for Change of Program
  • Fix for reported issue with My Dashboard


  • Improved look and feel for Event Calendar. Event Calendar now shows campuses with the location
  • Improvements to user interface for student meal plan selector


  • Fixed Student Dashboard tiles looking squished on mobile devices
  • Added a print button to most pages
  • Fixed the broken navigation on old mobile devices. iOS <= 8 and Android <= 4.4
  • Added your search history when you click on the search field


  • Mobile friendly student schedule calendar on the Student Dashboard
  • Top navigation menu has been reorganized with new icons
  • Promoted content styling


  • Ability to set default page
  • Personal Announcements are being reorganized
  • Promoted content styling
  • Set Current Term for faculty course info
  • Birthday theme display timing doesn't show for a whole week anymore
  • Campus settings
  • Pop-up blocker issue with workflow


  • Implement Campus subscription/options within settings
  • As a student I want the ability to see my class schedule by week and month
  • Implement Qualtrics Survey upon soliciting feedback
  • Compact view for left nav of mobile
  • Create method to condense/collapse the left nav to allow for max screen space for content
  • Search results point to location of item within FlashLine
  • GPA; Remove link from tile and moving to student resources. Modify display to 3 decimal places. Add clear button to GPA calculator.
  • More content can now be pinned
  • Update workflow List - Refresh
  • Revised UI - Campus Room Assignment
  • Revised Pay Stub UI
  • Leave Reporting Enhancements
  • Supervisor Leave Reporting
  • Add alt. email address to user profile
  • Leave report link takes to bad location
  • Mobile UI - My Dashboard / disable or hide 'Edit Dashboard' button
  • Mobile UI - users cannot scroll left/right to view their course schedule
  • Left nav disappears on "page not found"
  • Panel scroll bars interfere w/ pin button
  • Google sign-out issue
  • Link descriptions are being cut off
  • Tool Tip: "mark as read" lingers and overlays text in drop down