Student Green

Foundations of Excellence is Kent State’s bold investment in its short- and long-term future — especially in the future success of our students, faculty and staff, and in the success of the region served by our eight campuses. With projects ranging from the construction of new buildings to environmentally conscious upgrades, we are part of an effort that is truly historic in size, scope and significance.

Every Foundations of Excellence project is all about Kent State’s top priority: ensuring the student success of every student, while they are here and long after they become proud alumni. We are moving full speed ahead on a historic effort to bring campus facilities up to Twenty-first century standards.  It is not about aesthetics.  It is about giving our students the best chance to succeed by providing them with world-class facilities for learning and living: classrooms, laboratories, studios, libraries, study spaces, residence halls and athletics facilities.  

At a pivotal time in higher education, Kent State University is demonstrating its commitment to a learner-centered environment where students, faculty and staff can thrive. The Foundations of Excellence effort gives the Kent State Community many more reasons to be proud, excited and optimistic about Kent State’s future. 

The exciting developments on our campuses mirror the exciting projects underway in the city of Kent and in many communities served by our Regional Campuses. When our capital plans are realized, we will be able to say that Kent State was part of an investment in the future totaling nearly $700 million; helped create nearly 1,700 jobs; and improved the quality of life in Northeast Ohio.

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