Art Rental Program


* Note: Our Art Rental Program has been suspended indenfinitely due to budgetary constraints.


The Kent State University School of Art Collection and Galleries Art Rental Program is designed to provide easy access for campus organizations and offices to enjoy some of the incredible artwork from the School of Art Collection, which features a wide range of artwork from past students, locally-known artists, and artists of national and international fame. By making the process easy and inexpensive, it is our hope that you take advantage of this unique opportunity and make our artwork part of your working environment.

Simply follow these steps:

1) Come to the Annual Rental Show at the CVA Gallery (Center for the Visual Arts, 325 Terrace Drive) during the summer (Dates TBD each year)  and select 1-5 pieces you wish to rent for your office. The rental fee is $50 per artwork.

2) Speak with a gallery employee, who will give you a folder of documents and a contract to sign.

3) Arrange with the Gallery employee a Pick-Up date during which you will come to the Gallery, pick up the work you’ve selected to rent, and transport it to your office. You will also pick up your invoice on that day, which you can pay with cash, check, or credit card. The invoice must be paid within 7 days of the Pick-Up date. 

4) Hang up the artwork in your office, following the How to Hang Artwork diagram which is provided with the folder you received on the day you selected pieces to rent.

Are all of the artworks in the School of Art Collection available for renting? 

The Rental Program is a only sample of some of the pieces from the School of Art Collection. The pieces available for rent have been reviewed and deemed in appropriate condition to be rented. 

How many pieces can I rent at a time? 

You can rent up to 5 pieces at a time.

wasn’t able to make it to the Rental Show. Can I still rent artwork?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service outside of the Rental Show dates.

I’d like to have some artwork for my home. Can I rent some pieces to hang in my house? 

The Rental Program leases artwork to be displayed on the Kent State main campus, in areas like personal and main offices. They are not leased for home use. 

I don’t necessarily want to rent a piece, but I do have some pieces of my own that I’d like matted and framed. Can you guys do that? 

Unfortunately, the School of Art Collection and Galleries does not do matting and framing for pieces other than the ones in our collection. A good place to have your personal pieces matted and framed is McKay Bricker Framing and Gallery, located next to our Downtown Gallery. We use their services frequently and they always produce high-quality work.

How much does it cost to rent?

Each piece costs $50 to rent. You can rent up to 5 pieces at a time. When you come to pick up your artwork on your scheduled Pick-Up date, you will be issued an invoice that lists your Rental Fee.

How do I pay my Rental Fee?

You can pay with cash, check, or credit card. If you pay with check, make it payable to the KSU Foundation Art Exhibition Fund. You can pay out-of-pocket or you can pay through your department. You can come to the Gallery and pay in person, or you can mail cash or a check to: 

School of Art Gallery

attn: Rental Program

325 Terrace Drive

Kent, OH 44242

If you want to pay with credit card, you can call the Gallery at 330-672-1379 so that your information may be taken over the phone, or you can pay in person at the Gallery.

Do I transport and hang up the artwork myself?

It is your responsibility to pick up, transport, and hang your rented pieces. You can do this by yourself or ask someone else to help you. Make sure that you and whomever you choose to help hang up your artwork reads the How to Hang Artwork diagram that is included in this folder. If your building is a short distance from the Art Building, you and others may carry it to your building. If you need to transport the work by vehicle, you can park in the dock entrance at the back of the Art Building and load the artwork there. If you need to rent a vehicle for transport, you can visit Kent State's Enterprise Rental Website and arrange for a cargo van. The School of Art Collection and Galleries is not responsible for paying fees associated with picking up and transporting artwork to or from the Center for the Visual Arts, including the cost of renting a van, or the cost of any damages to the artwork that may occur during the process of pick-up and transport.

I have a frame that I think my rented piece would look much better in. Can I replace the frame? 

You may not for any reason remove or replace the existing frame on a piece rented from the School of Art Galleries Rental Program. If a piece is rented and does not have a frame, you may not frame it with your own frame and you may not take it off of the premises to get it framed. 

I don’t like where the artwork has been hung on my wall. Can I move it?

Yes. You can move the artwork as many times as you wish, as long the following guidelines are adhered to:

1) Artwork MAY NOT leave the premises of your department for ANY REASON unless it is being returned to the School of Art Main Gallery.

2) Artwork MAY NOT be hung in a place that is subject to significant temperature and humidity changes or in places where liquids and foods are present (bathrooms, kitchens, coatrooms, break rooms, etc). 

3) Artwork MAY NOT be hung in a place where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

4) Artwork MAY NOT be hung in narrow hallways where it can be bumped by people passing through.

I accidentally damaged the artwork. What do I do? 

If an artwork is damaged while in your care, DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT YOURSELF and do not allow other people to try to fix it. The priority in this situation is to make sure that the art itself is safe – the frames can always be replaced, but the artwork cannot. Immediately contact the School of Art Gallery by phone or email. A Gallery employee will schedule with you a time when he or she can visit your office, assess the damages, and safely remove the artwork from your office. In the meantime, remove the artwork from the wall and lay it flat on a table where it will be undisturbed.

When do the pieces I rented need to be returned?

Artwork that is rented anytime between June 5, 2013 - March 7, 2014 MUST BE RETURNED DURING THE “RETURN PERIOD”. The return period is May 1 - May 9, 2014. 

I rented artwork on March 7, 2014. Do I still need to return it within the Return Period of May 1-May 9, 2014?

Yes. All artwork that is rented between June 5, 2013 and March 7, 2014 MUST BE RETURNED during the return period of May 1 - May 9, 2014.

Can I return artwork prior to the Return Period?

You may return artwork prior to the Return Period. Contact the School of Art Gallery to make arrangements with a Gallery employee.

I don’t like a piece I rented. Can I return it and rent another one? Do I get a refund?

You can return a piece and rent another if you wish, as long as the number of artworks in your possession does not exceed 5 at any time. For example, if you rent 5 pieces and return 1 piece, you can only rent 1 other piece. You may not rent more than 1 in this situation. Rental Fees are not refundable. 

If I rent a piece, return it, and substitute it for another one, do I still have to pay a Rental Fee?

Yes. For example, if you rent 1 piece and wish to return it and rent another piece, you will still have to pay the $50 Rental Fee for this substituting piece.

What happens to the artwork once it is returned?

The condition of every piece included in the rental program at the time of rental has been recorded by Gallery employees. When artwork is returned, the condition is re-assessed and compared to the condition reports taken prior to its rental. If there is damage on the artwork that does not show up in the old reports, the individual or department that paid the rental fee will be charged a Damages Fee consistent with the current value of the piece. This fee cannot be contested or waived, and must be paid within 30 days of its issuance. 

What if the artwork I rented gets lost?

There should be no scenario in which rented artwork has the possibility of getting lost. If this happens, however, you have until the end of the Return Period to locate the missing artwork. If you cannot locate the artwork by the end of the return period on May 9, 2014, then the individual or department that paid the Rental Fee will be charged a Damages Fee consistent with the current value of the piece. This fee cannot be contested or waived, and must be paid within 30 days of its issuance. 

One of my co-workers damaged the artwork. Do I still get charged with the Damages Fee?

If any damages to the artwork incur from the time it is rented to the time it is returned, the department or individual who paid the Rental Fee will pay the Damages Fee. 

I really like the piece I rented. Can I return it at the end of the Rental Period and then re-rent it for the next year?

No. It is important for our pieces to have a “resting year” in between rental periods. For example, a piece that is rented in June 2013 will not be available for renting again until June 2015. However, you can select other pieces from the next rotation that will be available in 2014.

Can I buy the artwork that I rented?

No. The artwork included in the Rental Program is not for sale and may not be purchased. 

One of the pieces on the Rental Program site is already rented out, but I’d really like to rent it for my office. 

Can you ask the person who has it rented out to return it early so I can rent it for awhile?

Unfortunately, we cannot do that. If you’re curious as to whether the work of art you wish to rent has been returned early, check our website -- the status of the piece will have been updated from “rented” to “available”.

I have a question that isn’t included here. Who can I ask?

If you have any questions at any time, you can contact the Gallery through our main number or our Rental Program email:

Graduate Assistant to the Director of Galleries

School of Art Galleries