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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions


Spring 2016- October 2016

Jean Charlot

Born in Paris in 1898, Jean Charlot was always enamored by folk art and heavily influenced by his Mexican Indian heritage. He studied informally at the école des Beaux-Arts in Paris and assisted Diego Rivera during his studies at the Escuela Preparatoria in Mexico.

An extremely prolific and versatile artist, Charlot was an illustrator, painter, muralist, art historian and writer. He is known for his renderings of Mexican and Hawaiian folk life as well as his religious motifs.

He taught at many universities and art schools throughout the United States and spent the later part of his life teaching and creating at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, where he is revered as having made substantial contributions to the preservation of Hawaiian culture and history.

One of his most famous publications is a book of high-quality color lithographs using the commercial offset lithographic process. “The Picture Book” was created through a collaboration with Lynton R. Kistler. Many of the pieces displayed here are prospectus for the Picture Book project.