Allison Smith, 162 Springcrest

Friday, 23 March, 2018 -
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Downtown Gallery
off campus

MFA thesis exhibition "162 Springcrest" for Allison Smith, MFA candidate in the textiles program. The exhibition will be on view from March 19-24 at the Downtown Gallery (141 E. Main St.) with a reception on Friday, March 23 from 5-7 pm. 

From Smith's artist statement: For more than two decades, through countless family gatherings centered in my grandfather’s dining room, the home’s lively decor was subconsciously cultivating in me a love of texture, color, and pattern. Though the markers of my childhood and reminder of my grandmother’s identity has been peeled away, though the nostalgic memories conjured by the wallpaper remains with me. 

This wallpaper served as an inspiration for my 162 Springcrest body of work. It revealed layers of meaning to me as I mined its visual aspects and sense of history for the basis of this series of weavings. Using the original color palette and design elements of floral motifs and stripes as a reference, I began to use the wallpaper as a form to communicate a sense of memory and passage of time. The weavings served as a physical reminder of the sense of place created by the consistent presence of this familiar pattern, which provided a visual anchor in the family home.