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Associate of Arts or Science

Associate of Arts or Science

The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees may be used for several purposes:

  • they may serve as freshman- and sophomore-year programs for students who are planning to complete a bachelor’s degree program;
  • they may serve as degrees unto themselves for students who want to obtain a general education by sampling a variety of different subject areas;
  • they may advance students’ careers or provide job retraining;
  • and they provide opportunities for intellectual growth and personal satisfaction.

Minimum Requirements for Each Degree:

Degree Credits
Composition 6-8 credits
Mathematics and Critical Reasoning 3-5 credits
Humanities and Fine Arts 9 credits
Social Sciences 6 credits
Basic Sciences 6-7 credits
Additional Kent Core 6 credits
Destination Kent State (US 10097) 1 credit
Electives 24 credits
Minimum Total Hours for Graduation 61 credits
Minimum Overall GPA for Graduation 2.0

The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees include both required courses and electives.  The required courses are to be selected from the university’s Kent Core Requirements. Please work with an advisor on selecting these courses. Electives should be chosen in the students’ area of interest. Students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree should select electives to meet the requirements of the degree they are pursuing.