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Lunch & Learn: Diversity in Comic Books

Lunch and Learn presentation at the Regional Academic Center

Alan Baltis presents "Truth, Justice, & the american way: How comic books reflect and inspire diversity in the 21st century"


Wednesday, October 26 at Noon in room 213 and simulcast to the Geauga Campus


Lunch will be available.

Alan Baltis is an alpha geek, an application, website and database developer, consultant, and author. He is a life-long reader and collector of comic book, with more than 40,000 in his personal collection. He has spoken at various conventions on such topics as "Comic Books: A Modern Mythology," "Comic Book Archetypes,' and "Comic Book Movies: It's The Golden Age."

He holds a BS in Computer Science and an MBA in MIS from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. In his 33-year career, he has worked for Progressive Insurance, Topica, RCG, Lankmar Corporation, Great Lakes Software, NITech, CompuBid, Peat Marwick, and Arthur Andersen, as we as consulted for Ameritech, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, Quaker Oats, Baxter-Travenol, and Walgreens. He is a regular speaker at technical conferences. He is currently the owner/CIO of his consulting firm, The Smart Life.

He's in Ripley's "Believe It Or Not" for having hugged 833 people in an hour, a world record at the time. He's a 40-year and life member of Mensa. He won on Jeopardy in 2013.

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