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Judy Paternite

Judy PaterniteJudy Paternite, Ph.D.
Associate Lecturer
Information Technology

Judy Paternite focuses on teaching web design, database design and management, vb, php, and other topics in information technology. She loves the challenge of learning new material to help students remain competitive in the workplace.

Prof. Paternite earned a BA degree in psychology, with a minor in mathematics. Then, she received an MA in Special Education and a Masters of Technology. She completed a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology--Instructional Technology. Based on her interests and the fact that she teaches most of her classes online, the focus of the dissertation was on the best way to teach abstract and complex topics (i.e.: Relational Databases) in web-based classes. Also of interest is how students and instructors communicate online.

Latest information about jobs in Northeast Ohio indicate that there is a tremendous need for people with skills in technology (programming, networking, database management, healthcare informatics, help desk, and more). Check out the links below for more information about our degrees. All of these degrees can be taken completely online; however, we are also pleased to offer these classes in person, as needed.

Information about an Associate degree in Information Technology can be found here: https://www.kent.edu/geauga/information-technology-aab

If you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor degree in Information Technology, visit this page: https://www.kent.edu/geauga/information-technology-bsit

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