MCED Licensure

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Middle Childhood Education degree the applicant is prepared to complete licensure exams.  Students are prepared to apply for a State of Ohio teaching license upon earning passing scores on all applicable licensure exams.  

State of Ohio

Initial teaching licenses in the State of Ohio after July 1, 2011, are the Four-year Resident Educator License.  Applicants who receive a four-year resident educator license will be required to complete The Ohio Resident Educator Program in order to qualify for a Five-Year Professional Educator License.  The Ohio Resident Educator Program is a four-year program focused on support and mentoring for new teachers.

Requirements of The Ohio Resident Educator Program

All students must complete the requisite application forms and be recommended by Kent State University in order to receive an educator license.  Students must complete and submit the following documents to apply for licensure:

  • Licensure Application
  • Application Fee (Check of Money Order) made payable to Treasurer, State of Ohio
    • Initial 4-year Resident Educator License - $160
    • Addition of a teaching area or endorsement to an existing license - $20
  • Passing OAE Exam Scores
  • Background Check
    • If you have lived continuously in Ohio for the past 5 years, a BCI&I background check must be on file at the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).  An FBI background check is also required if the report on file is more than 5 years old at the date the application is received.
    • If you have NOT lived continuously in Ohio for the past 5 years, both the BCI&I and the FBI background checks are required.
    • BCI&I and FBI electronic fingerprinting can be done in the Technology Learning Center (TLC) in White Hall room 221 at the Kent Campus or at any of the WebCheck locations in Ohio. 
    • Criminal convictions can impact eligibility for teacher licensure and/or employment.  Review the ODE's Office of Professional Conduct general questions to learn how convictions can impact licensure.  Please contact the ODE Office of Professional Conduct for more information at 1-877-644-6338. (Educator Conduct FAQs).

Out-of-State Licensure

It is recommended students apply for State of Ohio licensure immediately following graduation and completion of required licensure exams.  This is because State licensure or program area requirements change and students who do not hold an active license may be held to the new standards.  In addition, some states offer reciprocity to individuals who hold an out-of-state educator license.  Thus, holding a State of Ohio educator license may be beneficial when applying to teach positions in other states.  Students should review other state teacher licensure policies and procedures to become aware of licensure requirements.  

Already Applied for your License?

Applicants and current license holders can review the status of an educator license and/or an educator license application online via the SAFE Web Portal.