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Middle Childhood Education

Interested in teaching middle school?  

Middle school teaching is highly complex; teachers must be knowledgeable of content, young adolescent development, and dozens of additional social, critical thinking, and professional skills.  Teachers bring diverse knowledge, strengths, and experience to their roles.  They care deeply about young people and commonly enter teaching because of that care and concern.

Bachelor of Science in Middle Childhood Education Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Middle Childhood Education (MCED) can be completed entirely at the Kent State University Geauga Campus in Burton.  This program prepares individuals to teach in grades 4 through 9 (ages 8 to 14).  Students select two (2) of the following content area concentrations.

Mathematics Concentration Content area coursework includes algebra, trigonometry, geometry, & statistics.

Reading/Language Arts Concentration Content area coursework includes communication, grammar, literature, & writing.

Science Concentration Content area coursework includes biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, & physics.

Social Studies Concentration Content area coursework includes anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology.

Kent State University offers a variety of other education and teacher licensure programs.  Support is available for students who begin a degree program at the Geauga Campus with the intent to transition to the Kent Campus to complete the degree.

"The Middle Childhood Education program at Kent State Geauga gave me everything I could have hoped for out of a college education.  One-on-one instruction, meaningful and challenging curricula, a family atmosphere, and the confidence to grow and develop in the current teaching field are all things you can expect out of this program."

Luke-James Wilmot, Class of 2015

"Thanks to Dr. Robin Dever and the Kent State Geauga MCED program I was well prepared to meet every requirement for obtaining my teaching endorsement.  When I entered the classroom, I felt confident that I had been provided with the training I needed in order to be an effective teacher.  As a non-traditional student with a family to consider, I was thankful to have a first-class educational program close to home."

Sarah Mast, Class of 2014