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Renate Prescott

Renate Prescott, Ph.D.Renate Prescott, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English

I read and teach a variety of literature courses online and in the classroom from English, American, and Vietnamese genres that range from novels to autobiographies to short stories.  Some authors are well known and have long since earned their place in the canon, while other authors are contemporary. Literature is an important part of our lives and always holds a prominent place in the humanities. No good education is complete without reading the masters. Above all, literature takes us out of our place in time, geography, and culture, dropping us into unknown worlds, into lives different from our own, into experiences we may never have ourselves, but allowing us to imagine them nonetheless. Literature makes us grow intellectually, forever wiping away our myopic lives. Once we become educated through the humanities, it matters not whether we ever get that fabulously high-paid job. What will happen, however, is that we will achieve the pearl beyond price. We will be able to think, to reason, to imagine and, if we are lucky, to become compassionate human beings who are willing to consider others as not so "other" after all.