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Speakers Bureau

Would you like to gain exposure in your area of expertise through Kent State University at Geauga or the Regional Academic Center?

Would you like to accomplish this through community speaking engagements?  If so, you will want to participate in the newly created Kent State Geauga/RAC Speakers’ Bureau and Mentoring Group.  


The main goal of the Speakers Bureau is to provide lectures, workshops, and guest presentations to organizations and businesses free of charge. Not only does a Speakers Bureau give faculty, staff, and administrators a way to share their expertise and build good will with the community, but it serves as a way to expose the community to the intellectual offerings provided by the university.

  • Consistent with the purpose outlined above, those selected as experts should be well qualified to comment on specified topic areas
  • Expertise is demonstrated through a combination of education, professional experience, publications, presentations and present job duties (person should be active/current in his or her research field)
  • Obtain interaction from faculty and staff, board members and our community.
  • Demonstrate importance of such a media tool to faculty and staff.
  • Use information obtained on research projects, grants and publications to enable proactive approach to media by gaining ability to pitch stories or respond to current issues in a variety of fields.
  • Use information obtained to easily reference sources for topics needed by media and other groups.
  • Use as source for civic and/or professional groups needing speakers.
Here is what you need to know

Please email or call Denise Milhollan: dmilholl@kent.edu or 440-834-3749 

  • The group consists of members of the board, faculty, and community with an interest in public speaking. 
  • Many of the engagements will be scheduled in classrooms, on-site meetings, and for various community groups.
  • There will be a speakers bureau developed for both communities; Geauga and Summit County.
How to Enroll

Send your resume and qualifications, along with the topics you would be qualified to present, to Denise Milhollan, Manager, Communications and Marketing.

How You Will Be Contacted?

When you are selected to be the best match for a speaking engagement, you will be contacted via email or by phone. 


 Thank you for your interest.  If you have any questions, please contact Denise A. Milhollan at 440-834-3749 or email dmilholl@kent.edu