GIS Academic Programs & Courses

At the undergraduate level, Kent State offers the BA with a concentration in GIS, and a minor in GIS.  At the graduate level we offer a Master of GIS, a Postgraduate Certificate in GIS, a MA with a concentration in GIS, and a PhD where students can specialize and undertake original research.



The BA

The BA in Geography, with a GIS concentration, requires a total of 44 hours of designated geography coursework, as well as the university requirements (for a total of 121 hours).  Required courses are: World Geography, the Geography of US and Canada, Physical Geography and Lab, Mapping Our World, Statistical Methods in Geography, one regional geography course, and 21 hours of geography electives, 12 hours of which must be GIS designated courses.

The minor in GIS

The geographic information science minor is designed to give students a well-rounded education in this rapidly developing area. The management and use of a wide variety of spatially-referenced data and software applications will give students the necessary tools to be successful in government, business and administrative settings.

Course requirements for geographic information science minor (2016-17 AY):
  GEOG 49070 Geographic Information Science 3 credits
  GEOG 49080 Advanced Geographic Information Science 3 credits  
  Choose from the following (3 classes): 9-10 credits  
  GEOG 49072 Geographic Information Science and Health (3)    
  GEOG 49075 Geographic Information Science: Urban and Economic Applications (3)    
  GEOG 49076 Spatial Programming (3)    
  GEOG 49078 Geographic Information Science and Environmental Hazards (3)    
  GEOG 49085 Web and Mobile Geographic Information Science (3)    
Cartography and Geovisualization (3)   and
Cartography and Geovisualization Laboratory (1)
  GEOG 49195 Special Topics in Geographic Information Science (1-3)    
  GEOG 49230 Remote Sensing (3)    





We now offer an Online Master in GIS and a Postgraduate Certificate in GIS. 

Most of the 40000 level courses above are also available at the Masters level and PhD level.  At the Masters level, students may concentrate in GIS by taking 2 or more advanced GIS-tagged courses.  In addition, Masters students must write a thesis.  

At the PhD level students may also enroll in Independent Research and design a program more tailored to their needs.  PhD students must also write a dissertation which is considered original research.