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My major expertise is on modelling the geographical perspective of socioeconomic inequality and human dynamics. I develop and implement new methods on spatiotemporal-social network analysis/modelling/simulation for different application domains such as economic development, disaster response, land use, public health, and urban crime. My work won the national first-place award of "research and analysis" from the US University Economic Development Association in 2011 and I received the emerging scholar award from AAG’s Regional Development and Planning Specialty Group in 2012.

I am the founding director of Computational Social Science Lab at Kent State University since 2013. I was elected to Chair of AAG Regional Development and Planning Specialty Group (2014-15), Co-Chair of AAG Asian Geography Specialty Group (2015-17), and President of International Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Science (2016-17). The experience in both Human Geography and GIS Communities has facilitated the development of interdisciplinary research network. Recent and current main federal research projects include University Center Program (Department of Commerce), Coastal Ohio Wind (Department of Energy), Comparative Space-Time Dynamics (National Science Foundation), Spatiotemporal Modeling of Human Dynamics Across Social Media and Social Networks (National Science Foundation), TrajAnalytics: A Cloud-based Visual Analytics Software System to Advance Transportation Studies Using Emerging Urban Trajectory Data (National Science Foundation), Support Community-Scale Intervention Initiatives by Visually Mining Social Media Trajectory Data (National Science Foundation), and GeoVisuals Software: Capturing, Managing, and Utilizing GeoSpatial Multimedia Data for Collaborative Field Research (National Science Foundation). Since 2011, I have been serving as Associate Editor of Stochastic Environmental Research & Risk Assessment, a leading SCI journal in spatial statistical modeling.

I have received about 4.5 million dollars in grants as PI or Co-PI from National Science Foundation, Department of Commerce, and Department of Energy. I will continue to develop more methods to integrate virtual, perceived, and real spaces with rich spatial, temporal, and thematic resolutions within the context of mobile and big data. My open source toolbox implementation expertise has been further utilized through combining the elements of space, time, network, and semantics. I have been very active in the dissemination of new metrics for the broader research community to facilitate the dialogue among social scientists, policy-makers, and computational scientists. I have authored/co-authored about 140 referred publications with scholars across social and environmental sciences worldwide, along with 16 books and journal special issues. Please check my CV for more details.

Recent Publications
  • 2017 Ye, X. and Liu, X. (eds.) Cities as social and spatial networks, Springer.
  • 2017 Ye, X. and Mitra, C. (eds.) Asia: An Encyclopedia of Culture and Society, ABC-Clio.
  • 2017 Liu, X. and Ye, X. (eds.) The connected city: Modelling cities with integrated spatial and social network analyses, Environment and Planning B (SSCI).
  • 2017 Xie, Y. and Ye, X. (eds.) Spatiotemporal Computing for Sustainable Ecosystem, ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (SCI).
  • 2016 Ye, X., Huang, Q., and Li, W. (eds.) Integrating Big Social Data, Computing, and Modeling for a Synthesized Spatial Social Science, Cartography and Geographic Information Science (SSCI).
  • 2016 Shaw, S., Tsou, M., and Ye, X. (eds.) Human Dynamics in the Mobile and Big Data Era, International Journal of Geographical Information Science (SSCI/SCI).
  • 2016 Ye, X. and He, C. (eds.) The New Data Landscape for Regional and Urban Analysis, GeoJournal (EI).
  • 2016 Ye, X. and Y. Mansury (eds.) Behavior-Driven Agent-Based Models of Spatial Systems, Annals of Regional Science (SSCI).
  • 2015 Xie, Y., and Ye, X. (eds.) Geo-Informatics in Resource Management & Sustainable Ecosystem, Sustainability (SSCI/SCI).

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Associate Professor

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Department of Geography