Administrative and Service Positions

  1. Department Chair

    The Department Chair is the chief administrative officer of the Department and reports directly to and is accountable to the Dean of the College. The Chair provides leadership, gives direction, and oversees planning for the future of the Department. The Chair manages the budget and financial affairs of the Department and is responsible for the attraction and retention of outstanding faculty and staff for the Department. The Chair is responsible for recording, maintaining, and implementing the policies and procedures stated in this Handbook through regular and thorough consultation with the Department faculty and the Department’s various committees as provided in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    The Chair is an ex officio, non-voting member of all Department committees and may make appointments as necessary and permitted to Department committees and to the various administrative and service positions in the Department, in consultation with the Faculty Advisory Committee.

    The selection, review, and reappointment of the Chair are the responsibility of the Dean, who consults with the Department faculty on such matters. Procedures for the selection, review and reappointment of the Chair are included in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  2. Assistant to the Chair

    The Assistant to the Chair is appointed by the Chair after consultation with the FAC. The assistant prepares academic year and summer teaching schedules; assists the Chair with faculty search activities, compilation of data, and other matters as needed; and represents the Chair at meetings or before groups when the Chair is unable to do so. These duties shall be referenced in the description of workload equivalents contained in this handbook.

  3. Graduate Coordinator

    The Graduate Coordinator is appointed by the Chair after consultation with the FAC. The Graduate Coordinator must be a full member of the Graduate Faculty holding the rank of Associate Professor or Professor. The Graduate Coordinator serves as the initial advisor for entering graduate students, chairs the Graduate Studies Committee, and oversees the operation and development of the Department's graduate programs.

  4. Additional Administrative Appointments

    Appointments to other administrative positions are made by the Chair after consultation with the FAC. Additional appointments and their duties include:

    Graduate Preceptors: supervise teaching assistants; conduct weekly meetings with them regarding the functioning of the introductory labs; provide the Chairperson with periodic assessment of the teaching assistants for the purpose of their retention and reappointment.

    Undergraduate Advisors: advise all undergraduate majors and minors and monitor their progress; report to the Chair on problems in scheduling or undergraduate curriculum.

    Internship and Employment Coordinator: manage and promote the Department’s Internship Program; maintain contact with employers; recruit, evaluate, and place students with employers. 

    Library Representative: oversee the placement of book and map orders and journal subscriptions.

  5. Non-Academic Staff

    The Department's non-academic staff includes all classified and unclassified staff positions within the Department including, but not limited to, the Administrative Assistant and secretarial staff. Each position has specific duties as defined in the applicable position description.