Criteria, Performance Expectations and Department Procedures Relating to Faculty Excellence Awards

Faculty Excellence Awards are established pursuant to the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Procedures and timelines for determining Faculty Excellence Awards for any given year shall be conducted in accordance with guidelines issued by the Office of the Provost. Recommendations regarding salary increments in the Department of Geology are made by the Chairperson in consultation with the Faculty Advisory Committee as set forth in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Each member of the committee ranks the entire faculty, excluding him- or herself and the Chairperson, and provides written documentation for the ranking.  The Chairperson reviews this information along with his/her own evaluation and informs the Committee regarding his/her ranking and why it differs if such is the case.  The final distribution of merit increments is then communicated to the Dean in accord with provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Special consideration may be given to new faculty members who are focusing their energies on organizing new courses and establishing their research programs.

Recommendations are based substantially on data supplied by each faculty member including documentation of performance in the areas of research and publication (50%), teaching (30%), and service (20%). The guidelines for determining merit are:

a.    Research and Publication (50%)

                    i.         Publication of Research - papers published in refereed journals, publication of major works (books, monographs). 

                     ii.        Grant Activity - submission of a proposal for extramural support, receipt of an extramural grant, principal investigator or co-investigator on an active grant.

                    iii.    Superior graduate student advising measured by advisee timely degree-completion, papers published, papers presented, extramural grants received, teaching/research/paper awards. 

                    iv.      Major extra-university recognition of scholarship or professional competence (research award, proposal review panel, invited national-meeting workshop).

b.      Teaching (30%)

               i.      Student evaluations indicative of superior performance.

              ii.        Receipt of, or finalist for, a university, college, or professional society teaching award.

             iii.    Other tangible measures of teaching quality (peer evaluations, department outstanding teaching award, etc.)


c.     Service (20%)
             i.   Departmental, collegial, and/or university service deemed meritorious by the Faculty Advisory Committee and Chairman.

            ii.    Service to the Profession – such as committee membership or leadership positions held in Professional Societies.

           iii.    Public outreach and engagement – such as presentations at community science education venues.
           iv.    Extra-university recognition of community service and outreach.