Faculty Leaves

Faculty members may request a leave of absence for a legitimate professional or personal reason. Such leaves may vary from one semester to one year in length.  Leaves of absence involve no compensation from the University and such time or leave does not count toward meeting promotion or tenure time limits.  Requests for leaves of absence should be initiated as early as possible so that scheduling of courses and hiring replacement faculty can be accomplished. 

            All leaves, sponsored or unsupported, personal or professional, are subject to the approval of the Chair, the Dean, and the Provost. University leaves include but are not limited to:

            1.         Research leaves (See UPR 3342-6-11.8).

            2.         Leaves of absence without pay (See UPR 3342-6-11.9).

            3.         Faculty Professional Improvement Leaves (See UPR 3342-6-12).

            4.         Research/Creative Activity appointments (See UPR 3342-6-15.3).