Faculty Meetings

Faculty meeting attendance includes the Chairperson and all full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty in the department. All full-time tenured and TT faculty have a vote on motions presented to the faculty. Faculty meetings are scheduled at least twice each semester. Additional meetings can be initiated by the Chairperson or may be requested by the Faculty Advisory Committee or a minimum 1/3 faculty, as necessary. Meetings are preceded by written announcement of the agenda and followed by minutes which are distributed to the faculty on the Main and Regional Campuses. Conduct of meetings is in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. Voting procedure is as follows:

1) Voting on all issues requires a quorum consisting of three-fourths of the faculty.  Absentee ballots relative to a particular motion will count as part of the quorum except in cases involving amended motions.

2) Motions concerning curriculum, Departmental policies, petitions, changes in course credits, and new courses must be submitted in writing to the faculty at least one week prior to the meeting and must pass by a two-thirds majority. Abstaining votes will count as negative votes since faculty members should be convinced pro or con on matters of such importance to the Department.

3) Motions regarding other matters may be passed by a simple majority.