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Grades and Student Records

Faculty members must inform students of their progress throughout the semester. Midterm (first year student) and final grades are a faculty member's responsibility and should be assigned fairly and objectively. Submission of final grades must comply with University Policy, including but not limited to, the deadline for the timely submission of grades. Failure of faculty members to provide grades in compliance with University Policy will be taken into consideration in reappointment, promotion, tenure and merit decisions. Materials used in computing grades (e.g., graded papers, exams and other coursework not picked up by the student) should be retained by the faculty member for one (1) year after final grades are submitted.  Students have a right to inspect the written work performed during a course and discuss the grade with the faculty member.

All members of the Department must comply with all laws and University Policies which govern the privacy of student education records, including but not limited to, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). These regulations require, among other things, that faculty members keep thorough academic records and forbid the posting of grades by name, social security number, or any other system which might identify a student with her/his education record.