The department handbook provides information pertaining to the organization, policies, and procedures of the Department of Geology within the College of Arts & Sciences.  The policies and procedures contained herein shall not conflict with any University, Administrative and Operational Policy of Kent State University, any applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement, or any federal, state and local law. For information concerning University and College regulations which affect the department (e.g., class absences, consulting, travel, research appointments, etc.) refer to the Kent State University Policy Register, the University Catalogues, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.   

This document is the approved Handbook for the Department of Geology. Alterations or amendments to this Handbook may be presented to the Department by the Chairperson, initiated by the faculty who should submit such requests in writing to the Faculty Advisory Committee, or may be made at the request of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in order to reflect changes in Department, College, University, or other policies. Proposed changes to this Handbook are subject to the approval of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.


Approved _James L. Blank, 02/22/2017_____

                                                                                          Dean, College of Arts & Sciences