Standards for the Evaluation of Scholarship and Research

All faculty of the department are expected to seek excellence in scholarly activity. Indicators of the quality of a faculty member’s research record include a combination of the quality and quantity of published work, the quality of written reviews of grant proposals submitted, as well as the faculty member’s success in obtaining extramural funds. All faculty members in the Department are expected to produce records of scholarship that reflect their disciplinary focus and the attributes of an individual faculty member’s scholarly activity will vary across disciplines.

A ‘very good’ evaluation for successful tenure and promotion to Associate Professor can be earned by RTP Kent Campus faculty who publish on average one to two first-tier manuscripts per year, who have supervised graduate students, who have applied on a regular basis for external funding, and who have been awarded a major external grant. An ‘excellent’ evaluation is earned when the RTP KC faculty exceeds the standard of ‘very good’ on a regular basis. In addition, to achieve “excellence” in the category of scholarship at the time a Kent Campus faculty member stands for tenure and promotion, she/he should have established a research program which demonstrates an impact upon her/his discipline.  In addition to achieving “excellence” as defined above, awarding of additional external grant support will be considered excellent for promotion to Full Professor for Kent Campus faculty. Kent Campus Faculty being considered for promotion to either Associate or Full Professor must have achieved and maintained F4 Graduate Faculty status.

It is ‘very good’ for a Regional Campus faculty member to have demonstrated a record of pursuit of external funding for research or teaching and to have published on average a first tier manuscript every other year in being considered for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion. An ‘excellent’ evaluation for promotion to Associate Professor is earned when the RTP Regional Campus faculty member exceeds the standard of ‘very good’ on a regular basis. Continuation of this standard is required for consideration of promotion to Full Professor.