Summer Teaching Assignments

Each year, prior to preparing the schedule for the succeeding summer session, the Chairperson distributes notices to full-time faculty requesting information as to their availability for Summer school teaching. Summer teaching cannot be guaranteed to any faculty member, although every effort is made to include all faculty wishing to teach during the summer. The size, content, and staffing of summer courses are dictated by budgetary constraints and curricular needs. Courses offered during the Summer Session are generally those with the possibility of large enrollment. Courses must have enrollment sufficient to “break even” (defined as salary + benefits + University tax). When more faculty request full-time Summer teaching than the budget or the needs of the program will accommodate, the Chairperson, in consultation with the Faculty Advisory Committee, distributes the teaching based on the following criteria:


  1. relative qualifications of the faculty member to teach a particular course
  2. the faculty member's overall effectiveness in teaching,
  3. recency of which the individual faculty member has been denied the opportunity to teach during previous Summer Sessions,
  4. the success (viewed positively) that the faculty member has had in obtaining extra-departmental summer support, and
  5. the recency with which the faculty member has relinquished the opportunity to teach during the Summer Session.