Geology at Regional Campuses

Stark Campus Geology Club in the fieldIn addition to the Geology program at the Kent Campus, Kent State University also maintains active Geology programs at several of its Regional Campuses. These programs provide introductory level geology courses for prospective Geology and Conservation majors, which also satisfy the University's Core Requirements. Upper-level non-major courses are also provided which vary depending on the specialization of the faculty at each campus.

Education majors specializing in sciences also take Geology courses at the Regional Campuses. Kent, Stark and Trumbull campuses feature active Geology Clubs that meet regularly and schedule field trips and speakers each semester.

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Kent State Campuses Offering Geology Courses


East Liverpool


  • Campus Coordinator: Dr. Sue Clement


StarkGeology majors at Stark Campus plant an Evolution Garden

  • Geology at Kent State Stark Campus
  • Campus Coordinator: Dr. Carrie Schweitzer
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  • Campus Coordinator: Dr. David Hacker


  • Campus Coordinator: Dr. Jeremy Green