Palmer Geology Lecture Series

The Department of Geology welcomes guest speakers on Fridays remotely for Fall 2021 and in-person in Spring 2021, Fridays in room 234 at 1:15 p.m. (unless otherwise noted).

Spring 2022 

Date       Speaker/Event
Jan. 21 Faculty Meeting/No colloquium 
Jan. 28 Terry McGlynn, California Desert Studies Consortium; Creating effective recruitment and research opportunities for minoritized undergraduates (virtual)                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Feb. 4  Sarah Fortner, Carlton College; Collective Action to advance equity & justice: Strategies from Geoscience Education & GeoHealth (virtual)
Feb. 11  John Peck, University of Akron; Sediment studies of environmental change in NE Ohio: Implications for watershed management
Feb. 18 Graduate student spring reviews/No colloquium
Feb. 25         Faculty Meeting/No colloquium
Mar. 4  Kennedy Okioghene Doro, University of Toledo; Scaling understanding of subsurface hydrological and biogeochemical processes using geophysics (virtual)
Mar. 11  Kimberly Meehan, University of Buffalo; Freshwater and marine microfossils as signals of ancient flooding events with epeiric basins (virtual)
Mar. 18  Robert Mahon, University of New Orleans; Promoting open and accessible inquiry using live online community experiments
Mar. 25  No colloquium
Apr. 1  Spring Break
Apr. 8 Katherine Glover, University of Maine; Climate and Ecosystem State Changes in North America during the Late Quaternary.
Apr. 15 Mark Jacobson, Stanford University (virtual); Transitioning the world to 100% clean, renewable energy and storage for everything.
Apr. 22 Applied Geology PhD graduate student presentations. Max Barczok: Geochemical controls over phosphorus bioavailability as a function of redox sensitive iron-oxides. Nathan Rohrbaugh: Utilizing Hyperspectral Remote Sensing to Detect Changes in Organic Carbon and Other Soil Properties.
Apr. 29       Faculty Meeting/No colloquium

Fall 2021 (Remote)

Date       Speaker/Event
Aug.27 Faculty Meeting/No colloquium 
Sept.3 Michael Petronis (Alum), New Mexico Highlands University - Investigating ancient ice ages in the present day Arctic.
Sept.10  Ashley Bulseco, Eckerd College
Sept.17  Graduate Student Presentations, Kyle Smart (PhD), Kortney Cole (MS), Erika Hiwiller (MS)
Sept.24 Faculty Meeting/No colloquium
Oct.1   Kathleen Bridges, Post-Doc Scholar, Ohio State University & Srabani Das, Post-Doc Scholar, Ohio State University; Stark Sustainable Soil Initiative: an on-farm research collaboration
Oct.8  Alumni Employment Panel - Kevin Engle, Kimm Jarden, Mandy Razzano, Ashleigh Sload
Oct.15  Fall Break
Oct.22  Rebecca Vanderleest, Oberlin - Investigating the thermal effects of Cordilleran processes on a retroarc foreland basin, Patagonian Andes, Magallanes-Austral Basin
Oct.29  Kerry Cawse-Nicholson, NASA - Surface Biology and Geology - a NASA study for future hyperspectral and thermal satellites to measure climate change impacts
Nov.5  Faculty Meeting/No colloquium
Nov.12 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Earth Sciences, Joseph Ortiz, Allyson Tessin, Tatiana Fernandez-Perez, Spencer Williams, Kelly Thomasson
Nov.19 Owen Jensen (Alum), PhD candidate University of South Carolina. Linking boron to magma sources in Aleutian volcanic rocks. 
Nov.26 Thanksgiving Break
Dec.3 2nd year MS student meeting
Dec.10 Faculty Meeting/No colloquium                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Spring 2021 (Remote)

Date          Speaker/Event
Jan.22       Faculty Meeting/No colloquium 
Jan.29 David Hacker, Kent State University.  Catastrophic gravity sliding of volcanic fields; insights from the Cenozoic Marysvale Gravity Slide Complex, Southwest Utah                         
Feb.5 Carrie Schweitzer, Kent State University. The Enigmatic Cyclida: who they are and their life and times
Feb.12 Jeanette Davis, NOAA. Science is Everywhere, Science is for Everyone: The Art of Storytelling & Inclusion. 
Feb.19 Graduate Student Spring Reviews 
Feb.26 Faculty Meeting/No colloquium
Mar.5 Cynthia Hall, West Chester University. Characterization of Lead Particles in Contaminated, Urban Soils as an Assessment of Public Health Risk
Mar.12 Natasha Sekhon, UT Austin. A study of seasonal hydroclimate variability in southwestern United States: Geochemical insights from stalagmites and karst monitoring
Mar.19 Jenine McCutcheon, University of Waterloo. Microbe-mineral-fluid interactions: Small-scale processes with large-scale impacts
Mar.26 Daniel Holm, Kent State University. A Gigayear of Continental Growth, Overprinting, and Stabilization in the upper Great Lakes region during the so-called Boring Billion
Apr.2 Andrea Pain, University of Maryland, Horn Point Laboratory. Riverine export of carbon and nutrients from deglaciating Arctic landscapes: Implications for past and future climate transitions
Apr.9 No colloquium
Apr.16 Spring Break/No colloquium
Apr.23 PhD Student Presentations: Md Abu Raihan Chowdhury, Zia Ul Hassan
Apr.30 Faculty Meeting/No colloquium

Fall 2020 (Remote)

Date Speaker/Event
Aug.28     Faculty Meeting/No colloquium                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Sept.4   Tim Gallagher, Kent State University, Paleosols on the Loess Plateau: Monsoons and solid carbon cycling in a warmer world
Sept.11    Graduate Student Presentations: Angela Lewis, Shahidul Muzemder, Cody Kale
Sept.18 Anne Jefferson, Kent State University, Are we doing enough to manage stormwater and protect urban streams?
Sept.25 Graduate Student Career Advising; Evan Faidley
Oct.2 Faculty Meeting/No colloquium
Oct.9 Open
Oct.16  Joseph Ortiz, Kent State University, Gaining clarity from muddy waters: Spectral unmixing of optically complex waters
Oct.23 Allyson Tessin, Kent State University, The role of continental margin sediments in Arctic biogeochemical cycling as sea ice retreats.
Oct.30  Jeremy Williams, Kent State University, Understanding the Inevitable: The Great Dying Event
Nov.6 Program Review/No colloquium
Nov.13 David Singer, Kent State University, Legacy lead (Pb) in urban soils: An ongoing source of exposure.
Nov.20  2nd year MS student meeting
Nov.27 Thanksgiving Break
Dec.4  Open
Dec.11 Faculty Meeting/No colloquium

Spring 2020

Date Speaker/Event
Jan.17  Faculty Meeting/No colloquium                              
Jan.24   Graduate Student Presentations
Jan.31    Amy Townsend-Small, University of Cincinnati; Isotopic constraints on methane emissions from natural gas production: Will fugitive methane emissions overwhelm the climate benefits of a natural gas energy future?
Feb.7  Dulcinea Avouris, Kent State University; Application of remote sensing imagery to natural hazard monitoring.
Feb.14   Carrie Davis Todd, Baldwin Wallace University; Re-examining the Johnstown (PA) Flood of 1889 using historical accounts, field measurements, and hydrologic modeling. 
Feb.21   1:00 pm - Steven Lyon, Ohio State University; Tracking the movement of water through the landscape.
Feb.28   Jonathan Duncan, Penn State; Urban Watershed Resilience and Water Quality Management
Mar.6   Anjali Fernandes, University of Denison; Backwater Controls on the Kinematics and Sedimentary Records of Large Rivers and Deltas
Mar.13   Faculty Meeting/No colloquium
Mar.20   No colloquium
Mar.27   Spring Break
Apr.3 Open
Apr.10    Kent State University Graduate Student Research Symposium                                                                                                                                                                          
Apr.17   Sarah Fortner, Wittenberg University - CANCELLED
Apr.24    Faculty Meeting/No colloquium

Fall 2019

Date Speaker/Event
Aug. 22              FAC Meeting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Aug. 30   No colloquium
Sept. 6  Faculty Meeting/No colloquium
Sept. 13   Graduate Student Presentations: Jacob Bradley, Raihan Chowdhury, Zack Loffer
Sept. 20   Jeff Myers, BJAAM Environmental; Employment skill sets and opportunities in Environmental Geology/Earth Science
Sept. 27   Kuldeep Singh, Kent State University; Role of slip in "slippery" Darcy Law
Oct. 4   Faculty and Ad Hoc committee meetings/No colloquium 
Oct. 11    Fall Break
Oct. 18  Alex Crawford, The College of Wooster; Using satellites to understand the impact of Arctic sea ice decline on marine phytoplankton
Oct. 25    Celebrating College Teaching (KSC 8:30 am - 3:30 pm)
Nov. 1 Derek Sawyer, Ohio State University; Earthquakes and Submarine Landslides on Continental Margins: Seismic Strengthening Versus Rapid Sedimentation
Nov. 8     Sarah Carmichael, Appalachian State University; CSI: Devonian - deciphering Late Devonian mass extinctions in different paleoenvironments
Nov. 15   Richard Becker, University of Toledo; Great Lakes water quality and coastline failures from remote sensing
Nov. 22    Kevin Befus, University of Wyoming; Groundwater responses to sea-level rise and associated hazards
Nov. 29 Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 6 Faculty Meeting/No colloquium

Spring 2019

Date                  Speaker/Event
Jan. 18    Faculty Meeting/No Colloquium
Jan. 25    Grad student research presentations: Max Barczok and Lindsey Yazbek
Feb. 1    TBA
Feb. 8     TBA
Feb. 15    TBA
Feb. 22    TBA
Mar. 1     Nick Sutfin, Case Western Reserve, Quantifying carbon storage along river corridors from floodplain sediment residence times to microbial decomposition
Mar. 15    Kate Campbell, USGS, Mining, Microbes, and Models: integrating microbial Fe(II) oxidation, hydrolysis, precipitation, and biogeochemical modeling in acid mine drainage
Mar. 20    Environmental Science, Research and Design Symposium Mar 20-21
Apr. 5     KSU Grad Student Research Symposium
Apr. 12    Angelica Vazquez-Ortega, BGSU, The role of soil organic matter in agriculture: implications on nutrient retention and soil health
Apr. 19     TBA 
Apr. 26    TBA 
May 3     Faculty meeting

Fall 2018

Date                 Speaker/Event
Aug 31 Daniel Holm, KSU                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Sept 7 Grad student presentations: Lindsey Yazbek, Mary Plauche
Sept 14 Gregory Mount, Indiana IUP, Near-surface geophysics in the critical zone
Sept 28 Matthew Jungers, Denison University, Coral carbon budgets in the face of climate change
Oct 26 Aditi Bhaskar, Colorado State, Effects of urban development processes on stream low flows
Nov 16 Carla Rosenfeld, University of Minnesota, Integrating field and experimental systems to understand microbial metal(loid) biogeochemistry
Nov 30 Laura Sanders, Northeastern Illinois University
Dec 7 Faculty meeting

Spring 2018

Date                       Speaker/Event
Jan. 19 No colloquium
Jan. 26 Graduate student presentations: G. Blauch, D. Wood, R. Koons
Feb. 2 Brian Thomas, University of Pittsburgh, "Challenges of Sustainable Groundwater: Management, Scale and Observations"
Feb. 9 Faculty meeting
Feb. 16   Robyn Hannigan, University of Massachusetts Boston, "Something Wicked This Way Comes - Lessons from the Permian-Triassic"
Feb. 23 Meagen Pollock, The College of Wooster, "Lava, Ice, and the Story of a Ridge in Southwest Iceland"
Mar. 2  No colloquium
Mar. 9  Faculty Meeting
Mar. 16 Rachel Gabor, Ohio State University, "When sewersheds overlay watersheds: hydrologic controls on urban water quality in Utah's Wastach Front"
Mar. 23 No colloquium
Mar. 30 Spring Break
Apr. 6 Martin Schmidt, AECOM, "Reclamation of Remote Oil Sand Drilling Sites in Northern Alberta"
Apr. 13 James Farlow, Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne, Body Size, Limb Proportions, and Locomotor Performance of Mesozoic Theropod Dinosaurs: Evidence from Skeletons and Trackways
Apr. 20 Marcus Key, Dickinson College, "The evolution of bryozoan epibiosis, from the Ordovician to the Recent, from Ohio to Antarctica"
Apr. 27 Jarek Majka, Uppsala University, "Closure of Iapetus seen from Baltica"
May 4  No colloquium - Faculty meeting

Fall 2017

Date Speaker / Event
Sept. 1 Graduate Presentations                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Sept. 8 No colloquium
Sept. 15             Katrin Monecke, Wellesley College
Sept. 22 Sara McMillan, Purdue University
Sept. 29 Deidre Gibson, Hampton University
Oct. 6 Fifth Annual Water and Land Symposium, October 4-5
Oct. 13 Scott Anderson, BGC Engineering Inc.
Oct. 20 No colloquium
Oct. 27 No colloquium - Faculty Meeting
Nov. 3 Adem Ali, College of Charleston
Nov. 10 Veterans Day observed
Nov. 17 Ellen Chamberlin, Dennison
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving
Dec. 1 Elizabeth Boyer, Penn State
Dec. 8  No colloquium - Faculty Meeting    

Spring 2017

Date Speaker / Event
Jan 20 Faculty Meeting/No Colloquium
Jan 27 Grad Student Research Presentation
Feb 3 TBA
Feb 10 TBA
Feb 17 TBA
Feb 24 TBA
Mar 3 TBA
Mar 10 Tom Darrah, The Ohio State University, "Metals in the Human Body"
Mar 17 Pre-GSA Pittsburgh student practice presentations
Mar 24 Nothing scheduled - enjoy Spring Break!
Mar 31 Spring Break
Apr 7 Mary Schweitzer, NCSU 
Apr 14 Mark Wilson, College of Wooster 
Apr 21 32nd KSU Grad student research symposium
Apr 28 Stephen Dornbos, UW-Milwaukee, "Ediacaran fossils in Mongolia" (Postponed)
May 5 Faculty meeting/No colloquium

Fall 2016

Date Speaker / Event
Sept 2 First Friday Grad Student Presentations: Sergio Sudarsky, Dulci Avouris, Laura Sugano, Sarah Morrison)                                                                                        
Sept 9 Faculty Meeting/No Colloquium
Sept 1 Mehrnoush Soroush, University of Akron, "Mapping Historic Patterns of Human-Water Interaction in the Fluvial Plains of Southwestern Iran"
Sept 23 Yuning Fu, Bowling Green State University, "GPS as an Independent Measurement to Estimate Terrestrial Water Storage Variations"
Sept 30 Faculty Meeting/No Colloquium
Oct 5-6 4th Annual Water & Land Symposium (KSU Conference Center)
Oct 14 Pedro Avellaneda, Kent State University, "Understanding Green Infrastructure Through Hydrological Modeling"
Oct 21 Shemin Ge, University of Colorado, Birdsal-Dreiss Lecture, "Fluid Induced Earthquakes: Insights from Hydrology and Poro-mechanics"
Oct 28 TBA
Nov 4 Tom Darrah, Ohio State University, "Noble Gas Applications" (cancelled)
Nov 11 Veteran's Day (University Closed)
Nov 18 David Malone, Illinois State University, "Origin of Massive Eocene Heart Mountain Slide, Wyoming"
Nov 25 Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 2 Faculty Meeting/No Colloquium
Dec 9 SGE Holiday Party (tentative)

Spring 2016

Date Speaker / Event
Jan 22 Faculty Meeting (with Guest Cynthia Kristof)                                                                                                                                                                                          
Jan 29 Dr. Paul Santi, AEG President (Colorado School of Mines)
Feb 5 no colloquium
Feb 12 Andrew Czaja (U. Cinn.), “Life in the Archean: increasing the diversity of forms and habitats”
Feb 19 Heather R. DeShon, Southern Methodist University (EarthScope Series Speaker)
Feb 26 Larry Wickstrom (Wickstrom Geoscience, LLC and KSU Alum)
March 4 Carrie Tyler (Miami University of Ohio)
March 11 Chris Poulsen (U Michigan)
March 18 Nothing scheduled – enjoy Spring Break!
March 25 Spring Break!
April 1 Faculty Meeting
April 7 Dr. Naomi Oreskes, Harvard University (Thursday evening)
April 15 Thomas Johnson (Univ. Illinois - Urbana-Champaign)
April 22 Grad student presentations
April 29 Grad student presentations
May 6 Faculty meeting

Fall 2015

Date Speaker / Event
Sept 4 Faculty Meeting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Sept 11 Graduate Student Symposium (Laura Zemanek, Wade Jones, David Korte, Lindsay Poluga)
Sept 18 Daniel Lux, Univ of Maine, Orono; and KSU alum, "Apatite and Granite Petrogenesis; Examples from Maine"
Sept 25 No colloquium scheduled
Oct 2 Mike Chadsey and Steven Hill, Ohio Oil and Gas Association, “The State of Oil and Gas in Ohio”
Oct 9 Faculty Meeting
Oct 14-15 3rd Annual Water Research Symposium (Wed evening and Thursday)
Oct 23 Jerome De Graff, Jahn's Distinguished Lecturer, "Fire, earth & rain: emergency response for wildfire-induced landslide hazards".
Oct 30 pre-GSA presentations (cancelled)
Nov 6 Faculty Meeting (cancelled)
Nov 13 Ashlee Dere, University of Nebraska – Omaha, "Investigating the role of climate in shale weathering"
Nov 20 Ciaran Harman, Johns Hopkins University, "How old is the stream water? The new theory of water age, and what it can tell us about how catchments function"
Nov 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 4 Faculty Meeting (cancelled)
Dec 11 SGE Holiday Party - 3:00 p.m. in MCG 223

Spring 2015

Date Speaker / Event
Jan 16 Jeremy Williams, Ohio State University                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Jan 23 Alycia Stigall, Ohio University
Jan 30 Graduate Student Symposium
Feb 6 Eldon Gath, 2015 Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Applied Geology, “The Santa Ana Mountains: Indenter Tectonics and the Earthquake Hazards of “The OC”
Feb 13 Lyman Persico, Mercyhurst University
Feb 20 Faculty Meeting
Feb 27 James Thomka, University of Akron
Mar 6 Lauren Kinsman-Costello, Kent State University, Biological Sciences
Mar 13 Caleb Holyoke, University of Akron
Mar 20 Faculty Meeting
Mar 27 Spring Break
Apr 3 David Hacker, Kent State University, Geology
Apr 10 Beth Orcutt, IODP / Bigelow Laboratory
Apr 17 Melissa Berke, University of Notre Dame
Apr 24 Audrey Sawyer, Ohio State University
May 1 Faculty Meeting
May 8 (possible) Faculty Meeting

Fall 2014

Date Speaker / Event
Aug 29 Faculty Meeting
Sep 5 Graduate Student Presentations
Sep 11 9:30-10:30 a.m. Room 207 McGilvrey Hall
Greg Hempen, AEG Jahns Lecturer, "Hello??? Are you ready for the Big One?"
The presentation discusses the application of recent research to the paleoseismic and historic events of the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The talk considers some actions to inform the public of appropriate preparedness in that region
Sep 19 Joel Moore, Towson University, "A high salt diet: How stormwater management ponds affect road salt impacts on soils, groundwater, and streams"
Sep 26 TBA
Oct 3 Patricia Manley, Middlebury College, "Glacial Lake Discharges and Abrupt Climate Change: Lake Champlain"
Oct 10 Dale Tshudy, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, "Taxonomy and phylogeny of bizarre deep sea lobsters: collaboration of paleontologists and marine biologists"
Oct 17 David Costello, Kent State University, "Biogeochemistry and toxicity of metals in stream sediments"
Oct 24 Faculty Meeting
Oct 31 Water Research Symposium Keynote Speaker: David L. Sedlak, University of California, Berkeley
Nov 7 John Lenhart, The Ohio State University
Nov 14 Nadine McQuarrie, University of Pittsburgh
Nov 21 Faculty Meeting
Nov 28 Thanksgiving recess
Dec 5 Faculty Meeting

Spring 2014

Date Speaker / Event
Jan 24 Graduate Student Symposium
Matthew Harding, "Preliminary Results from a Geophysical Study of the Salina Group, NE Pennsylvania"
Krista Brown, "Undrowning a creek: Groundwater-stream interactions and water quality of former reservoirs in northeast, Ohio"
Jessica Tashman, "A taphonomic and paleoecological analysis of Late Jurassic horseshoe crabs from a Lagerstätte; in central Poland"
Chelsea Windus "Evaluating the variability of discontinuity orientation data for slope stability purposes"
Jan 31 Jim James, Gannett Fleming, Inc., "Thorn Run Dam Construction"
Feb 7 Brian Lutz, Biological Sciences, Kent State University, "Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining and Hydraulic Fracturing: Comparing Impacts on Water Resources"
Feb 14 Darin Croft, Case Western Reserve University, "Paleobiology of a late, great clade of South American herbivores"
Feb 21 Faculty meeting
Feb 28 Christina Lopano, US DOE, "Mineral Reactions in Energy Systems"
Mar 7 Rowan Martindale, Harvard University, "Triassic reefs in North America"
Mar 14 James McManus, University of Akron, "The supply of iron from marine sediments to global ocean: isotope signatures & impacts of changing ocean chemistry"
Mar 21 Faculty meeting
Apr 4 Bev Saylor, Case Western Reserve University, "Using ash bed geochemistry to reconstruct the geologic history and landscape of the WORMIL paleoanthropological area in the Afar of Ethiopia"
Apr 11 Nita Sahai, University of Akron, Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturer, "The Potential Role of Geochemical Environments and Minerals in Protocell Evolution"
Apr 18 Katie Farnsworth, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, "Global and Regional Perspectives on Sediment Flux to the Worlds Oceans"
Apr 25 Anne Jefferson and Chris Rowan, "Geologists on Adventure along the Antarctic Peninsula"
May 2 Faculty meeting

Fall 2013

Date Speaker / Event
Sep 6 Geology Graduate Student Presentations: Kevin Engle, Frank Mathias, Inoka Hasanthi Widanagamage, and Eric Sload
Sep 13 David Harwood, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and ANDRILL Science Management Office, "Drilling deep beneath Antarctic ice to reveal past and future climate change"
Sep 20 Jessica Ball, SUNY-Buffalo, "Water flowing underground: Modeling hydrothermal systems in cooling lava domes"
Sep 27 Faculty Meeting
Oct 4 Beth Rhenberg, Ohio State University, "Systematics, Phylogenetics, and Biogeography of Early Mississippian Camerate Crinoids of the Nunn Member, Lake Valley Formation, in south-central New Mexico"
Oct 11 David M. Singer, Kent State University, "Contaminant sequestration in mesoporous materials and secondary mineral coatings: The importance of confined pore spaces"
Oct 18 Dr. Jessica Anderson Maisano, UT-Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences , "An Overview of High Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography: Data Acquisition and Applications"
Oct 25 Faculty Meeting
Nov 1 Dan Bain, University of Pittsburgh, "Urban hydrology in a rugged, old place: emerging lessons from Pittsburgh"
Nov 8 Josh Roering, University of Oregon, GeoPRISMS distinguished lecture, "Are Mountains Like Giant Sandpiles? A Tale of Catastrophic Landslides, Ancient Lakes, Big Floods, and Fish Evolution"
Nov 15 Human Impacts on Water Symposium at KSU Hotel and Conference Center
Nov 22 Faculty Meeting
Dec 6 Pre-AGU (no colloquium)

Spring 2013

Date Speaker / Event
Jan 18 Faculty Meeting
Jan 25 cancelled
Feb 1 Dave Hacker, Kent State University, "From Dikes to Sills to Laccoliths: A Look at Shallow Level Magnetic Systems"
Feb 8 TBA
Feb 15 TBA
Feb 22 TBA
Mar 1 TBA
Mar 8 Faculty Meeting
Mar 15 Matt Morris, AEG President, Gannett Fleming, "The History and Progression of Rock Slope Stabilization for Menoher Boulevard (aka Easy Grade Highway or S.R. 271, Section 13), Cambria County, Pennsylvania"
Mar 22 Jim McCalpin, Jahns Lecturer: "The Many Uses of Trenching in Assessing Geologic Hazards in Engineering Geology"
Apr 5 Kristin Jaeger, Ohio State's School of Environment and Natural Resources, "Streamflow Variability of Dryland Rivers in a Changing Climate"
Apr 12 Eric Klemetti, Denison Universtiy, Granville OH, "Crystal Diaspora and Blooms at Arc Volcanoes"
Apr 19 Brian Greene, Gannett Fleming, "Impacts of Geology on Dam Design in Western Pennsylvania"
Apr 26 Beverly Saylor, Case Western, TBA
May 3 Faculty Meeting

Fall 2012

Date Speaker / Event
Sep 7 Graduate Student Presentations, Department of Geology, Kent State University
Sep 14 William Johnson, Senior Staff, D'Appolonia, Monroeville, PA, "The Evaluation of Offshore Geohazards"
Sep 21 Dr. Rod Feldmann, Department of Geology, Kent State University, "An Amazing Triassic Fossil Assemblage in Amazing China"
Sep 24 Monday, 2:00 p.m.
Dr. Mimi Katz, IODP Distinguished Lecturer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, "Antarctic Circumpolar Current Evolution and its Impact on Climate and Global Ocean Circulation"
Oct 5 Dr. Mary Ann Thomas, U.S. Geological Survey, Ohio Water Science Center, Columbus, OH, "Arsenic and Water:"
Oct 12 Dr. Neil Wells, Department of Geology, Kent State University, "A Surfeit of Shorelines: Lake Erie's Late-Glacial Ancestors"
Oct 26 Dr. Eric Taylor, Department of Geology, Kent State University, Stark Campus, "Molecular Binding to Asbestos: a Protein's Point of View"
Nov 2 No Colloquium
Nov 9 Dr. Robert McAfee, Biological & Allied Health Sciences, Ohio Northern University, Ada, OH, "Role of Jugal Morphology in the Mastication of Sloths (Mammalia: Pilosa): a Case Study of Neocnus from Haiti"
Nov 16 Dr. Joe Ortiz, Department of Geology, Kent State University, "Arctic Impacts on the Climate System"
Nov 30 OPEN

Spring 2012

Date Speaker / Event
Jan 13 Candidate for the new TT faculty position in Urban Hydrology
Jan 20 Candidate for the new TT faculty position in Urban Hydrology
Jan 24 Candidate for the new TT faculty position in Urban Hydrology
Jan 27 Candidate for the new TT faculty position in Urban Hydrology
Feb 3 Candidate for the new TT faculty position in Mineralogy
Feb 10 TBA
Feb 14 Candidate for the new TT faculty position in Mineralogy
Feb 17 Candidate for the new TT faculty position in Mineralogy
Feb 21 Candidate for the new TT faculty position in Mineralogy
Mar 2 Scott Burns, Jahn's Lecturer, Oregon State University "Cataclysms on the Columbia, the Great Missoula Floods"
Mar 9 Faculty Meeting
Mar 16 Graduate Student Research Presentations
Mar 30 Jennifer Bauer, AEG President, Appalachian Landslide Consultants, Inc., "Landslide Mapping on Slippery Slopes: Lessons Learned by the North Carolina Geological Survey"
Apr 6 Amanda Schmidt, Oberlin College, Ohio, "Spatial Patterns of Erosion in Western China"
Apr 13 Ben Dattilo, Indiana University-Purdue, University Fort Wayne, "Layer-cake Startigraphy Versus Facies Mosaics in the Cincinnati Ordovician: What is the Bedding-scale Structure of the Stratigraphic Record"
Apr 20 Liang Yi, Visiting Scholar at KSU, "Asian Monsoon, River Incision and Sea Levels in the Late Quaternary in the South Bohai Sea, China"
Apr 27 Faculty meeting and Geology Awards Banquet in evening

Fall 2011

Date Speaker / Event
Sep 2 Graduate Students – KSU Dept of Geology Thesis Research
Sep 9 Dr. Hans Thewissen, Macroevolutionary Patterns Documented with Fossil Whales from India and Pakistan, Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, NEOUCOM
Sep 16 Dr. Warren Allmon, To What (if anything) is the Present the Key? The Current Status of "Uniformitarianism" in Geology, Director of the Paleontological Research Institution and Hunter R. Rawlings III Professor of Paleontology, Cornell University
Sep 23 Craig E. Kasper, Transforming Waste into Energy – the Biogas Solution, Senior Energy Consultant, Hull & Associates, Inc., Bedford, OH
Sep 30 Dr. Francisca E. Oboh-Ikuenobe, The Science of Palynology and its Applications, Professor and Head of Geology & Geophysics, Dept of Geological Sciences & Engineering, Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology
Oct 14 Dr. John M. Senko, Anaerobic Microbial Processes in Acid Mine Drainage-Impacted Systems, Department of Geology and Environmental Science, University of Akron
Oct 21 Dr. James L. Withiam, A Slope Repair Gone Wrong - Why?, Principal, D'Appolonia, Monroeville, PA
Nov 18 Dr. Brian H. Greene, Lower Lake Girard Dam, Ohio: The Breaching of an Ambursen Dam, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 2 Mathew B. Morris, Recent Advances in Slope Stabilization Technology, Gannett Fleming, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Spring 2011

Date Speaker / Event
Jan 21 Wondie Seyoum, Nivi Mehrotra, and Katie Thomas Wells, graduate student research updates
Jan 28 Dr. Rob Ross of the Paleontological Research Institute and Museum of the Earth, "Online teaching - What's it good for? Some examples from Geoscience Education"
Feb 4 No colloquium, faculty meeting
Feb 25 Bruce Hilton, President, AEG (Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists), "CA High Speed Train – How to Cross Active Faults at 250 mph"
Mar 4 Scott Scheiner, Siri Siriwardana, Chuks Nwaodua, Nivanthi Mihindukulasooriya, graduate student research updates
Mar 11 Dr. Joseph E. Andrew, University of Kansas, "Large-magnitude Extension of the Death Valley Detachment System & Evolution of the Garlock Fault"
Mar 25 Spring Break
Apr 1 Dr. Soumitri (Mimi) Sarkar, University of Pittsburgh School of Law; Environmental Law Clinic, "Geochemical Characterization of Groundwater Flow Processes in a Large Patterned Peatland"
Apr 15 Dr. Jeff Allwardt of Conoco-Phillips, Houston, "Beyond the Classroom: Applying Geology to Oil & Gas Exploration and Production"
Apr 21-22 Karin Kirk, NAGT Distinguished Speaker, Teaching on-line courses in the Geosciences "Teach the Earth: Tapping into Teaching Materials from a Community of Geoscience Educators"
May 13 TBA

Fall 2010

Date Speaker / Event
Sep 10 Student research presentations (Hasanthi, Cope, Saraceno, Wayman)
Sep 24 Peter Hutchinson, Hutchinson Group, PA (Environmental Geophysics)
Oct 1 Faculty Meeting (2:15 MCG 221A)
Oct 7 Dr. Gail Christeson, University of Texas at Austin, Institute for Geophysics. Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Distinguished Lecturer. "The Chicxulub Structure: What an Impact!"
Oct 8 Bill Haneberg, 2011 Jahn's Distinguished Lecturer
Oct 15 Dan Billman, Billman Geologic Consultants, Mars, PA (Marcellus Shale)
Oct 22 Dr. Christina Riesselman, USGS, Reston
Nov 5 Faculty Meeting (2:15 MCG 221A)
Nov 12 Dr. Yoram Eckstein, KSU, "The Western Extension of the Himalayan Geothermal Belt"
Nov 19 Dr. Jeremy Green, Geology, KSU @ Tuscarawas Campus
Dec 3 Dr. Ashley Griffith, University of Akron, "Earthquake tales lost in the cracks"
Dec 10 Faculty Meeting (2:15 MCG 221A)

Spring 2010

Date Speaker / Event
Jan 22 Brian Greene, US Army Corps of Engineers, "Emergency Scour Repairs at Allegheny Dam 6, Clinton Pennsylvania."
Jan 29 Paul Marinos (Jahns lecturer), "Geological constraints and geotechnical issues in mechanized tunneling"
Feb 5 Silvio Casadio, Univ. Nacional de La Pampa, Argentina, "West Antarctic Rift system: a possible New Zealand- Patagonia Oligocene paleobiogeographic link"
Feb 12 Faculty Meeting
Feb 19 none scheduled
Feb 25-26 Lisa Pratt, Indiana University, 2010 Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar
Mar 5 TBA
Mar 12 TBA
Mar 19 Brad Shotwell "An improvement in Photo-Documentation of In-Service Dimension Stone and Masonry Features"
Mar 26 TBA
Apr 9 Mark Wilson, College of Wooster
Apr 16 Faculty Workshop with David Dees, Educational Foundations, Deep Learning: What does this look like in class?
Apr 23 Student Research Summary Presentations; Cristina, Edmund, Madan, Frisky
Apr 30 TBA
May 7 Faculty Meeting