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Anne Jefferson

My research focuses on watershed hydrology, groundwater-surface water interactions, hydrogeomorphology, and the effects of disturbances (climatic and land-use change) on hydrologic systems. Much of my research is field-based, but I also make use of stable isotope analyses, geographic information systems (GIS), and modeling. For more information, please see my website.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

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  • Jefferson, A., Ferrier, K., Perron, J.T., and Ramalho, R. in press. Controls on the hydrological landscape evolution of shield volcanoes and volcanic ocean islands, in The Galapágos: A Natural Laboratory for the Earth Sciences, AGU Monograph Series.
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Ph.D. in Geology, Oregon State University, 2006M.S. in Water Resources Science, University of Minnesota, 2002B.A. in Earth & Planetary Science, John Hopkins University, 2001
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