Undergraduate Research Opportunities

What better way to learn about science than by doing it?

Undergraduates in the Department of Geology have the opportunity to conduct research on real world problems in a number of ways. Students can also volunteer in a lab, working with a faculty mentor and their graduate students on research projects, or work on externally funded research projects in the lab or out in the field. Some opportunities may lead to presentations at scientific meetings or publication of results in the open literature. Projects can also involve international travel. Some recent student projects include field work in the North American west, Europe, South America and Australia, or oceanographic work in the Arctic, Atlantic, and South Pacific.

Undergraduate Research is an excellent way for students to gain the experience needed to land a competitive internship, get hired in their first job, or gain admittance to graduate school.

In consultation with a faculty mentor and the department Chair, eligible students can propose an Individual Investigation in Geology (GEOL 40096) and earn up to 3 credits toward their degree, or complete a Senior Honors Thesis as partial fulfillment of their Honors Degree. Students interested in completing a Senior Honors Thesis should find a faculty mentor and contact the Honors College no later than during their first semester as a Junior.

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Past Participants

  • Tim Eyerdom, independent research, Fall 2011
  • Matt Wayman, B.S. with Honors, 2011
  • Meghan Court, Student worker, 2010-
  • Lindsey Brenizer, Student Worker, 2009-2010
  • Jamael Sadallah, Student Worker, 2009-2010
  • Daniel Peacock, Summer field assistant, 2009
  • Mike Farinacci, independent research, Fall 2009
  • Renee Crane, B.S. 2011, 2008-2011, lab assistant
  • Robin Green, Summer field assistant, 2008
  • Bethany Lavins, Bucknell University, Summer 2008 lab assistant
  • Michael Duff, B.S. student, Undergraduate Research Scholar recipient
  • Nate Fela, NSF S-STEM fellowship and Undergraduate Research Scholar recipient, B.S. 2007
  • Lonnie Mills, NSF S-STEM fellowship recipient, B.S. 2007
  • Lyanne Yurco, B.S. with Honors, 2006
  • Allie Sherwood, B.S. with Honors, 2006