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The Global Degree Program is a partnership between Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic and Kent State University in Kent, Ohio in the United States. This special opportunity will provide you with a high-quality degree and an international experience all in the same program!

Choose from 5 degree options in 3 high-demand fields:

Computer Information Systems   |   Computer Science   |   Emerging Media and Technology


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International Degree Choices

Students from around the globe can choose from the approved degrees below.

Global Degree Program Curriculum

Once admitted to the program, you will take a curriculum that prepares you to complete your degree within four years. The first two years are at Anglo-American University and the final two years are at Kent State University, where you will complete a U.S. degree.

Courses will be taught in English and offered in a semester format. While earning your degree, you will immerse yourself in a multicultural environment at one of the most international universities in Europe and at one of the top public universities in the United States. You will learn global perspectives among peers from more than 100 countries and will be well positioned for a career in the world marketplace.

Please note that as of October 21, 2019, these degrees are conferred by KSU and are accredited degrees in the U.S. only; they are not accredited by AAU and/or by the appropriate accreditation authority in the European Union or in the Czech Republic.

Student Housing in Prague and Kent

During your first two years in the program, you will live with your classmates from different countries and cultures right in the heart of Prague. AAU’s housing is within 15 minutes of their campus in a lively district full of shopping opportunities, parks, and restaurants. You also have the option to live in your own personal accommodation such as a rented apartment or homestay.

For your final two years of the program, Kent State offers a variety of on-campus housing options. Students must apply for housing if they want to live on campus. Students may also elect to live independently in the city of Kent. You will receive more information about housing once it gets closer to the time when you are to transition to Kent State.

Insurance for International Students

We require all international students to enroll in the insurance provided by Kent State University. Students will be automatically enrolled and charged for this insurance; there are no exceptions to this policy.





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