AAU/KSU Frequently Asked Questions



How can I participate in the AAU/KSU Global Degree Program?

In order to participate in the Global Degree Program, you have to:

1. Complete high school.

2. Meet minimum English proficiency requirements.

3. Be accepted to Kent State University.

How does the program work?

The Global Degree Program is for students who want to earn one of the bachelor’s degrees listed below.

• Computer Information Systems

• Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts

• Computer Science, Bachelor of Science

• Emerging Media and Technology

The curriculum for the first two years includes courses from your major as well as courses that provide a broad-based liberal arts education. Some of the skills students will acquire through the program are research, data analysis, critical thinking, creativity, oral and written communication, teamwork and problem solving.

During the first two years of the Global Degree Program, students will take a full-time course load at Anglo-American University in Prague. After successfully completing the required credits, you will transition to Kent State to complete your degree. Staff members of the Office of Global Education at Kent State will assist you through the transition process.

Once at Kent State, you will complete your degree, taking advantage of all the resources of a major public U.S. university. Throughout your program you’ll have the support of faculty and advisors who will help you make the most of your global experience.

I’m already in college; Can I apply for the Global Degree Program?

Transfer students can absolutely apply to the program. International Admissions does the initial evaluation to determine what the equivalent credit hours and grades are. You should still bring the course syllabi to meet with an academic advisor to see how these courses fit into your major at Kent State. We cannot guarantee that all of your credits will transfer to exact equivalents in your program and apply to your degree. Contact us for more information about the transfer process and learn more about the transfer process in the International Undergraduate Transfer & Post Undergraduate Application Guide.

When is the application deadline?

May 1 is the preferred application completion date to allow for visa processing. The processing time for a visa is 60 days; therefore, we recommend completing the application as early as possible.

Can you live in Prague
without speaking Czech?

You will find that many Czechs speak at least a bit of English, which will help you to get around and feel welcome in the city. Of course learning some basic words and phrases is always recommended. Czech language courses are offered both at AAU and around the city if you have an interest in studying the language.

What should I know about Anglo-American University?

Located in the heart of Europe, Anglo-American University provides students with a truly international education. Learning alongside students from over 70 different countries in small classes designed for authentic engagement and discussion, AAU prepares students for the emerging global landscape.

And what better city to study in than Prague? Ranked as the best city in the world to be a university student by AppJobs, Prague boasts an array of affordable options for students to dine, enjoy live entertainment and experience Czech rich, historic culture right outside the university's doors. Thanks to its central location, Prague also serves as a great home base for travel!

What should I know about Kent State University’s Kent Campus?

On the 2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges list, Kent State continues to be ranked among the top public schools and best universities in the nation. Kent State has climbed three spots on the Top Public Schools list and Kent State is again included in the Best National Universities list in the coveted top tier.

The campus is situated in the city of Kent located in Northeast Ohio, United States. Kent is recognized as one of the safest towns in the U.S, offering a perfect experience of a college town. Kent is known as “The Tree City,” with great outdoor activities.

With students and alumni from more than 100 countries, over 150 international partnerships and more than 200 study abroad choices, Kent State's reach extends far beyond campus to nearly every corner of the globe.

What do I have to do to be accepted to the Global Degree Program?

All students who want to be part of the Global Degree Program must first be accepted to Kent State.  Click here to access the online application form.

The application process includes submitting the following documents with the online application:

1. High School Transcripts: grades will be converted to the American GPA (Grade Point Average), an evaluation method with total score ranging from 0 to 4 points based on high school grades and course credits. But, don’t worry, once we have your transcripts, we will calculate your GPA and will let you know the results. The minimum GPA accepted is 2.5.  Remember: you can start the application process prior to receiving for your final transcript.

2. English proficiency test results, accepted tests and minimum scores:

  • TOEFL iBT: minimum score of 71; or
  • IELTS Academic: minimum score of 6.0; or
  • PTE Academic: minimum score of 48.

Check out the links below to learn about how to apply for the next available tests:

Once you have received your acceptance letter to KSU, you will receive instructions to complete an education abroad application to secure your position in the Global Degree Program.

How much does it cost to study in the Global Degree Program?

Check out the following link to learn about the costs for the Global Degree Program.

Once you transition to Kent State, if you elect to change your major to one outside of the Global Degree Program, you will be charged the regular international rate. Students should also know that if you change your major, it may take longer to complete your degree program as requirements for each degree program are different.

How much does it cost to live in Prague?

In Prague students spend on average between $450 – $800 USD/month including meals, accommodation, public transport, and entertainment. The average cost of a meal is $8 USD, annual public transport pass for students costs approximately $55 USD and textbooks, printing and other academic services are provided within the cost of tuition.

The average cost to live in AAU’s student accommodations, located 15 minutes from campus, is approximately $4,720 USD per year.

In case you opt to arrange your own housing in Prague, the average rent per month can vary depending on proximity to the city center and if you are living in a student dormitory or standard apartment. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs approximately $720 USD/month while some of AAU’s recommended student housing providers offer private dormitories ranging from $420-$520 USD/month.

How much does it cost to live in Kent, Ohio?

In case you opt to live off campus, the average annual cost is $10,400 USD.

The average cost to live in Kent State's on-campus residence, including housing and one of the meal plans offered by Kent State University, is approximately $14,944 USD per year.

Other expenses like insurance, books and supplies are approximately $4,750 USD per year.

What are the steps to getting my visa for the Global Degree Program?

Steps for getting your visa for the Czech Republic

EU and EFTA Citizen Requirements

If you are a citizen of European Union member state, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland you do not need a visa to study in the Czech Republic. However, within 30 days of your arrival in the Czech Republic, you are required to register with the Czech immigration authorities. If this is your case, you will need to report your presence to the appropriate department of the Czech Foreign Police which holds jurisdiction over the location in which you are staying. Please note that in order to register, you should bring a valid passport (or national ID), accommodation and insurance contract.

Non-EU Citizens

If you are a citizen of a country which is not a member of the European Union, you will need a visa or long-term residence permit to study in the Czech Republic. Long-term visa or long-term residence permit applicants must file their application at the embassy or consulate of the Czech Republic in the state where they reside. It is not possible to apply for a visa after your arrival in the Czech Republic, or to pick up a visa for which you have previously applied. Exceptions to this consular territorial competence rule apply only to citizens of states with a short-term visa waiver; students coming from countries listed here can apply for a long-term visa or long-term residence permit also at a diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic not located in their home country. The processing time for a visa is around 60 days but delays are common. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all applicants contact their local Czech consulate at their earliest convenience to begin this process.

Steps for getting your visa for the United States    

The Office of Global Education at Kent State will work with all students to help them apply for a visa to come to the United States.  Specific steps will be given to students when it gets closer to transitioning from AAU to KSU.

What if I don’t want to transition to Kent State?

Some students may decide that they don’t want to transition to Kent State.  These students will need to transfer to another university to complete their degree.  Please keep in mind that students may not be able to transfer courses that they have taken as requirements are different among different institutions.

What are the housing options at AAU?

AAU is proud to offer its students the opportunity to live together with their classmates from different countries and cultures right in the heart of Prague. AAU’s housing is within 15 minutes of the AAU Campus in a lively district full of shopping opportunities, parks, and restaurants. Students have the option to live in their own personal accommodations as well.

What are the housing options at KSU?

Kent State offers a variety of on campus housing options.  Students must apply for housing if they want to live on campus.  Students may also elect to live independently in the city of Kent.  You will receive more information about housing once it gets closer to the time when you are to transition to Kent State, or you can explore our housing options in advance.