AAU/KSU Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE IN THE AAU/KSU GLOBAL DEGREE PROGRAM? In order to participate in the Global Degree Program, you have to:
  1. Complete high school.
  2. Meet minimum English proficiency requirements.
  3. Be accepted to Kent State University.
HOW DOES THE PROGRAM WORK? The Global Degree Program is for students who want to earn one of the bachelor’s degrees listed below.
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts
  • Computer Science, Bachelor of Science
  • Digital Sciences

The curriculum for the first two years includes courses from your major as well as courses that provide a broad-based liberal arts education. Some of the skills students will acquire through the program are research, data analysis, critical thinking, creativity, oral and written communication, teamwork and problem solving.

During the first two years of the Global Degree Program, students will take a full-time course load at Anglo-American University in Prague. After successfully completing the required credits, you will transition to Kent State to complete your degree. Staff members of the Office of Global Education at Kent State will assist you through the transition process.

Once at Kent State, you will complete your degree, taking advantage of all the resources of a major public U.S. university. Throughout your program you’ll have the support of faculty and advisors who will help you make the most of your global experience.

I’M ALREADY IN COLLEGE; CAN I APPLY FOR THE GLOBAL DEGREE PROGRAM? Transfer students can absolutely apply to the program. International Admissions does the initial evaluation to determine what the equivalent credit hours and grades are. You should still bring the course syllabi to meet with an academic advisor to see how these courses fit into your major at Kent State. We cannot guarantee that all of your credits will transfer to exact equivalents in your program and apply to your degree. Contact us for more information about the transfer process. Learn more about the transfer process at the International Undergraduate Transfer & Post Undergraduate Application Guide, here.
May 1 is the preferred application completion date to allow for visa processing. The processing time for a visa is 60 days; therefore, we recommend completing the application as early as possible.
You will find that many Czechs speak at least a bit of English, which will help you to get around and feel welcome in the city. Of course learning some basic words and phrases is always recommended. Czech language courses are offered both at AAU and around the city if you have an interest in studying the language.