Academic Essentials

Credits Abroad

It is critical that your Transfer Course Planning Form (TCP Form) accurately reflects the classes you are taking abroad.  Only classes listed on that form are approved to transfer back as Kent class equivalents.  If you decide to take a class that is not listed on that form, you must request approval for the class while abroad; do not wait until after you return!  Class approvals can be done electronically via email.

Keep all your syllabi, papers, and tests.  Your academic department at Kent might ask to see these documents when you return.
If you are receiving and using federal financial, it is also important that you stay enrolled as a full time student.  You must be enrolled in minimum of the equivalent of the following credit hours:


12 credit hours for a semester

6 credit hours for a summer term


8 credit hours for a semester

4 credit hours for a summer term


For example, if you are studying in Germany for a semester you may need to enroll in 24 ECTS credits in order to be considered full time by US standards.  For summer programs, it is possible to meet the minimum credit hour requirement by taking the equivalent of 3 credit hours abroad and enrolling in 3 credit hours at Kent.

Academic Culture

Keep in mind that you are going to be living and studying in a new culture which also means you will also be in a new academic culture.  The grading system may be vastly different than what you are used to, for example, a 65 is a good grade in the UK.   Classwork may also be different.  Many other educational systems focus more on lectures and less on group discussion and group participation.  You may find that your entire grade is based on one final exam.