ARCH 46995/56995 Designing for Building Security and anti-Terrorism in the 21st Century

Course Name: ARCH 46995/56995 Designing for Building Security and Anti-Terrorism in the 21st Century

Description: Building security is a complex and emerging issue. Increased concern regarding terrorist attacks, data breaches, and active shooters is drastically shaping how we plan and design buildings. Participants in this course will explore contemporary trends in secure building design through a nuanced understanding of security as it pertains to historical precedents, free societies, and current architectural trends. The course begins with an in-depth study of how safety and security have shaped the city of Florence, from its Roman military roots through the height of its world influence. Upon completion of this course, students will be familiar with the newest security and anti-terrorism standards including those issued by the DoD and FEMA. An optional weeklong trip to Berlin will explore how progressive European cities are responding to contemporary security threats. This course is interdisciplinary and does not require previous building design experience.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites:  None