ART ED Design Thinking

Course Name: ART ED Design Thinking

Description: The purpose of this course is to teach students how to use design thinking — a problem solving process that may be applied to daily life, developing innovative ideas, creating curriculum, or solving societal issues. The goal of the course is to guide students to create impactful solutions through intentional and collaborative choices. They will adapt the design process and methods of design thinking specifically toward issues in their major area of study.

Design thinking as used in making designed objects plays an integral role in societies. By studying objects that people create, students are informed of the measurements of progress and a relationship to the human condition. Studying architecture, fashion, city design, and gardens in Florence will provide a foundation for understanding how objects of the 14th and 15th century symbolized life.  Through guided tours, workshops, and self-exploration, this study will address some of the economic, political, spiritual, practical, and social aspects of Renaissance life shown through the form and function of designed objects.  Viewing these objects in their physical context, as well as learning about the historical context, will establish links between the relationship of design to life then and now.

Credit Hours: 3