ARTH 42091/62095 Art Experiences in Italy

Course Name: ARTH 42091/62095 Art Experiences in Italy

Description: The Art Experiences in Italy class is based in Florence, Italy, birthplace of the Renaissance, and home to many of the most important monuments of the period.  Florence is often hailed as the most beautiful city in the world, and students will have the singular opportunity of living and studying in the old historic center, becoming thoroughly acquainted with its monuments and treasures.  ARTH 42091 provides a thorough grounding in the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque monuments of Florence through direct, on the spot encounters with the painting, sculpture, and architecture found in each neighborhood. No work of art is ever examined through reproduction and the class does not meet in a classroom--everything we discuss is experienced through the original, in the churches, palaces, and museums of the city, so that Florence itself becomes our classroom.   

Four optional field trips are offered during the four week program.  Two extended excursions of three days in Rome and Venice are taken to gain an intense experience of the highlights of these two major centers. Two day trips are taken to neighboring historic centers such as Mantua and Assisi. The cumulative experience of Florence, Rome and Venice and other centers will serve as a touchstone for one of the themes for reflection I hope students take back with them upon their return home--how do we make our own environments, our city centers and public spaces, as beautiful and alive as what we encounter in Italy?  How do we make our urban centers as proud of what we have as a city such as Florence is of its own place?
A daily journal and a research paper are required. Prerequisite: None, though ARTH 22006 Ancient to Medieval Art and 22007 Renaissance to Modern Art will be helpful in assimilating the information.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None