ARTH 42091/62095 Art Experiences in Italy

Course Name: ARTH 42091/62095 Art Experiences in Italy

Description: You are enjoying the singular opportunity of becoming acquainted with Florence, Italy, one of the most beautiful and celebrated cities in the world, hailed as a birthplace of the modern era in Western civilization.  This course will introduce you to the major artworks and monuments in the city, with the goal of giving you a sense of the progression of styles from the Middle ages through the Renaissance to the Baroque.  You will learn to understand some of the social, political and historical contexts that led to the formation of these styles. We will analyze and discuss the great works and monuments of the Florentine Renaissance directly on the spot in front of the actual works of art, a circumstance few people get to experience, and one which I hope will leave you with a lifetime of impressions and memories to savor.  You will also be exposed to the diverse regional productions of the great cities of Rome and Venice and the Tuscan hill towns.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None