BSCI 40195 Brain Health and Disease: Mediterranean vs. Western Lifestyle

Course Name: BSCI 40195 Brain Health and Disease: Mediterranean vs. Western Lifestyle 

Description: The objectives for the course are to provide a broad understanding of how cross-cultural differences between Mediterranean-style living and US-Western style living impact brain function and general health.  Focus will be placed on how differences in diet, exercise, and social aspects including stress between these two lifestyles impact physiological mechanisms involved in preserving brain functions such as cognition.  Importantly, however, given the tight relationship between general physiology and brain function, focus will extend to other aspects beyond the brain, including endocrine and cardiovascular health etc.  Lectures will encompass both science as well as the sociological/geographical context framing that has led to these differences and will involve field-based tasks to identify and evaluate such differences.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None