BUS 30187 International Business Experience: Switzerland

Course Name: BUS 30187 International Business Experience: Switzerland

Description: The course provides students an opportunity to learn about international business firsthand by meeting officials/managers from select United Nations agencies, non-government organizations and commercial enterprises.   It will introduce students to how nations cooperate to develop rules and policies to guide and govern world commerce.  To do so, a number of topics are discussed including: making markets accessible, promoting fair competition, protecting intellectual property rights, ensuring worker welfare, and managing for-profit enterprises across multiple national borders.  Special attention will be given to the application of these principles in developing and emerging markets.  The course is built around a “live case” where students will be required to apply concepts learned in class to solve a business/policy problem facing a multinational enterprise/UN agency program.

Note:  Class meetings are arranged in Florence (during the June session) to discuss assigned readings and begin case work.  Field visits and presentation of case recommendations are schedule to be held in Geneva, Switzerland (mandatory) during the week following the end of the Florence Summer Institute.  Transportation to/in Geneva and student housing are prearranged.  Additional fees (estimated $1,000) are assessed when enrolling in this course. 

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: ECON 22060 – Principles of Microeconomics