CCI 40095 ST: Documentary Storytelling

Course Name: CCI 40095 ST: Documentary Storytelling

Description: "Someone does something, because." This is the formula often used to simplify the act of storytelling. Through this, our class will explore the everyday lives of the local community.  The class will focus on photographic storytelling in an international setting.  Students will use their instructor's knowledge of the area to explore and develop intimate stories with international impact.  Throughout the course, students will be assigned to step off the street and enter the various local businesses, homes and places of worship to make pictures, overcome communication challenges and tell stories.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: JMC 22001 Photography (or) VCD 18000 Photography (or) by approval of the instructor.

Program Requirements Course Substitutions: JNL (Photo J): subs for JMC Specialization Electives II; PHOI: subs for VCD 48009 Fashion Photography

Schedule Type:  Combined lecture/lab (1:2)

Instructor:  Cosimo Bargellini; (course creator: David Foster)