If your original reason for coming to the United States changes, you may be required to change your nonimmigrant status to a different one before you lawfully begin to engage in the activities you want to pursue. See 8 CFR § 248.1©.



A nonimmigrant is eligible to change to an F-2 status in the following circumstances:

  • My spouse is an F-1 student (the “principal”).
  • My spouse has changed to F-1 status from another nonimmigrant classification.


To Apply
  1. Completed Form I-539 (type your answers and save as PDF)
  2. Current I-94 number print out for you and your spouse, which can be printed from the CPB website here.
  3. Current, valid visa passport for you and your spouse
  4. Current, valid visa stamp (inside passport, unless stamped in old passport) for you and your spouse
  5. Copy of I-20 document for you and your spouse
  6. Truthful written statement to USCIS explaining why you want to change your status to F-2. You must explain that obtaining F-2 status was not your original intent when you entered the United States. Type this and bring it with you to your appointment
  7. Copy of financial documents (bank statements or scholarship letter) to show that you can cover estimated expenses for one year
  8. Check or money order (money order preferred) for $370 addressed to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”

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Change to F-2 Guide