Coming Home

Returning to life at home can be an unexpectedly bumpy transition.   It is possible for you to even experience reverse culture shock – or the phenomenon of having trouble adjusting to life back home.  A good way to cope with this is to keep your international experience as part of your life here.   In this section, we will cover information on re-entry events, utilizing your international experience during a job search, making sure your credit transfers back, and options for going abroad again!

Reverse Culture Shock

Reverse culture shock is the difficulty readjusting to life back home.  Reverse culture shock can catch you off guard as you may not expect to have difficulty adjusting to life back home.   The more acculturated you were to your host country; the stronger you may feel reverse culture shock.   You may experience boredom, restlessness, and/or “reverse homesickness.”  A good coping strategy is to find outlets to share your experiences.  These outlets can include helping with study abroad events, presenting to clubs or classes, and/or making friends with the international students on campus.