COMM 40095 Multimedia Experiential Learning

Course Name: COMM 40095 Multimedia Experiential Learning

Description: The Multimedia Experiential Learning course is designed to allow students a deeper understanding of their study abroad experience in Florence by projecting, developing and editing multimedia products (mainly articles, but also blog entries, pictures and videos) about their academic and extra academic experiences while living in Florence. Students will practice an activity of processing information related to their everyday life experiences, visits of exhibitions and museums and meetings with professionals by regularly developing content/stories about these experiences as well as about events taking place in Florence. The in-class meetings will help students to better focus on the different fieldtrips that will take place during the semester by providing background information about the Italian context. In-class activities are meant to support students editing their stories that will be published online on different platforms. At the same time, students will develop a direct collaboration with the editors in chief of one of the main destination for their multimedia productions.

The course is mandatory for all the CCI students enrolled in the Florentine study abroad program.

Credit Hours: 1

Prerequisites: Accepted in the CCI Florence Cohort