COMM 45091 The Genius of Florence

Course Name: COMM 45091 The Genius of Florence

Description: Students spend a semester in Florence, but they spend so much time traveling that it’s not unusual for them to finish the semester with little understanding of Florence itself or what defines the city and its people. This course is designed to give students a brief introduction to the genius and uniqueness of Florence. Course meetings will take place mostly at relevant locations, such as churches, streets, and museums, rather than in the classroom, as the purpose of the course is to begin to familiarize the students with the city and to train their eyes to notice and comprehend what is around them. Because this is a one-credit course taking place over 14 weeks, weekly meetings would be limited to a single meeting of one to two hours, with an expectation of an additional 30 minutes to one hour spent independently researching and/or journaling. In all, the course is meant to be more fun and fascinating than laborious and taxing, and the workload should be commensurate with the fact that only one credit is being earned.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None

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