Course Content 2

Undergraduate Architecture:
ARCH 30012 Urban Design 
ARCH 30112 3rd Year Design Studio II
ARCH 46995 Reading Cities Field Trips
ARCH 46995 Video, Media & Architecture

Undergraduate Architectural Studies (Fall only):

ARCS 20122 Architectural Studies Studio II 
ARCH 46995 Video, Media and Architecture* 
ARCH 46995 Reading Cities Field Trips

Graduate Program:

ARCH 6010 Graduate Design Studio
ARCH 60301 Theories of Architecture
UD 66995 Cities and People
UD 66995 Field Study on European Cities



ARTH 42095 Italian Art from Giotto to Michelangelo 1300-1564*


Classes in the Arts and Sciences cohort are available to all students who meet the prerequisites.

CLAS 21405 The Roman Achievement*

HIST 41014 Europe in the Renaissance*

ITAL 15201 Elementary Italian I*
ITAL 15202 Elementary Italian II*
ITAL 25201 Intermediate Italian I*
ITAL 25202 Intermediate Italian II*
ITAL 35211 Italian Composition & Conversation I*
ITAL 35213 Conversation & Composition II*

POL 40995 European Issues*

PSYC 40111 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 30111 Forensic Psychology
PSYC 11762 General Psychology*
PSYC 31532 Social Psychology

SOC 32762 Deviant Behavior
SOC 32210 Researching Society
SOC 22778 Social Problems


As the world economy has become profoundly interdependent and even a small company may have customers around the world, those embarking on careers in business must understand the global marketplace and the issues involved in working with people of other cultures. The Kent State Florence European Business Program is ideal for students pursuing a major in business management or a minor in international business. In addition to coursework in Florence, students visit such European financial and business centers as Milan and Geneva. They learn from international business leaders and CEOs during workshops and guest lectures.
BUS 30234 International Business*

FIN 36053 Business Finance*

MKTG 45060 International Marketing*


CCI Florence (College of Communication and Information) offers courses designed to take advantage of the international setting while keeping students focused on their majors and progressing toward their degrees. Students can acquire or advance skills in such courses as Practicum in European Media, in which they work in small teams to create documentary films using advanced digital technology. Through CCI Florence, Global Communication majors can complete their study abroad requirement and progress in their language requirement, and all CCI majors can start and/or complete the Global Communication minor.

CCI 40095 Italian Cinema*

COMM 45091 The Genius of Florence*
COMM 35852 Intercultural Communication* 
COMM 35852 Multimedia Experiential Learning 
COMM 45091 / JMC 40095 Practicum in European Media

JMC 40009 / COMM 45091 Comparative Media Systems*


The Kent State Florence Fashion program provides junior-level Fashion Design and Merchandising students the opportunity to take design studio and merchandising classes to complete major requirements, while exploring Italian fashion and culture through various study tours. During spring semesters, students attend premier Italian trade shows and visit Italian destinations known for fashion and textiles, such as Milan, Como, Prato, and Rome. In fall semesters they visit European fashion capitals such as London and Paris, as well as important Italian locations for investigating components of the fashion industry.

ITAL 15204 Basic Conversational Italian

Fall only:
FDM 30161 Florence Fashion Design Studio I
FDM 30260 Product
 Development in the
 Fashion Industry
FDM 30262 Fashion Merchandising Planning and Buying 
FDM 35080 Fashion and the Media 

Spring only:
FDM 30172 Florence Fashion Design Studio II
FDM 30262 Merchandise Planning and Buying
FDM 30260 Product Development
FDM 35080 Fashion and the Media 


The Honors in Florence program is designed to offer Honors College students uniquely challenging and engaging experiences in this remarkable and vibrant historic setting. Students will gain an international perspective and learn about other cultures through a variety of curricular offerings and educational travel opportunities tailored for them. Students studying in Florence who complete the Honors Study Away Contract will receive three Honors credit hours for meeting all the contract requirements. They may receive additional Honors credit hours if they complete one or more of the Honors courses available in Florence. Courses available for Honors credit include:

ARTH 42095 Italian Art from Giotto to Michelangelo 1300-1564*
BUS 30234 International Business*
JMC 40009 / COMM 45091 Comparative Media Systems*
POL 40995 European Issues*

*Indicates classes open to all students.  Some classes may have prerequisites.