CULT 29535 Education in a Democratic Society

Course Name: CULT 29535 Education in a Democratic Society 

Description: This course is a conversation about the many purposes of schooling in our society, the political pressure increasingly placed on schools to improve the quality of American education, and the challenges new teachers face in increasingly high pressured school environments. The course begins with a brief historical overview of the many purposes of schooling in the U.S. We explore the emergence and development of the common school, with a view to understanding the accomplishments, shortcomings and aspirations of public schooling. We then turn our attention to contemporary efforts to reform American education. We will try to understand what these efforts hope to accomplish. In the second half of the course, the class will become an educational think tank which consults with school districts and advises them on aspects of district policy and practice that will need to change in light of these school reform initiatives. This part of the course is highly participatory, because the think tank has to research the issue in question, deliberate about the issues in question, and come to a collective decision about what the school district ought to do about the issue at hand.

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites:  None