Current Global Ambassadors

Meet Our Global Ambassadors:
Fall 2018.

Aayesha Singh

Name - Aayesha Singh
D.O.B. - 08/13/1992
Major - Master's in Public Health
Country - Nepal
Religion - Hindu
Interests - Traveling, Trying out new dishes, Exploring and Making new friends.
Passion - Dance and Music

Abhi Bagale

Hello and Namaste! I am Abhishek Bagale from Nepal, currently a sophomore majoring in Biotechnology. I am passionate about music and literature. Also, I have keen interest in eastern mysticism, taoism, spirituality, and all sorts of philosophies. So, if you want to talk about something, ping me. Being a Global Ambassador will definitely help me get connected to more and more people. Everyone has a story, and I love to listen.

Adrienne Bronner

Hello! My name is Adrienne Bronner and I am a senior at Kent State University. My major is Teaching English as a Second Language, and I have joined the Global Ambassadors Program because I am passionate about international education. I love to read, dance, and learn new languages. :)

Anh Pham

Hello everyone. I am Anh Pham. I was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam which is the capital city of Vietnam. I am junior with doubling major in Air Traffic Control and Aviation Management, and minoring in Aircraft Dispatch. I am a photographer as well. I join as a Global Ambassador to share my culture and to know more about this world. I am so excited to meet new people.

Anton Dias

Hi, my name is Anton Dias, and I am from Sri Lanka. I am a senior, majoring in Accounting. My current goal is to get an MBA and go up the ladder in the corporate sector. I like to explore and visit new places and try new things when I have a chance. I also enjoy playing and watching soccer, rugby, and cricket in my free time. I previously worked as an International Ambassador in a college back in California, so that experience is what drove me to become a Global Ambassador at KSU as well. I enjoy working with people from different cultures and learning new things. Looking forward to new experiences!.

Brittany Roberts

Hello, I am Brittany Roberts and I am from Columbus, Ohio. I am a senior majoring in managerial marketing with minors in advertising and international business. I would like to be a creative director for an advertising agency one day. My hobbies include traveling, listening to music, and reading. I am excited to meet people from all over the world and learn about different cultures through the global ambassador program!

Clifton Rebello

Hi. My name is Clifton Rebello, from Mumbai, India, though I have spent the last 20 years in the heat of the UAE. I am a graduate student doing my Master’s in the School of Digital Sciences. This Fall will be my 3rd semester at KSU, and it has been an awesome experience so far. I did a tour of the campus prior to enrolling at Kent and have been lucky to make wonderful friends in this cosmopolitan environment. I am an avid sports person, playing and watching, and closely follow the Boston Celtics as well as Arsenal Football Club (London, UK). I also love outdoor activities like hiking, camping as well as taking one tank trips on weekends. I was lucky to have an ambassador assist me when I first joined Kent State, and it certainly helped make life easier in the initial few weeks on campus. He now counts as one of my best friends. I want to do the same for new joiners through the Global Ambassadors Program.


Hello/Ni Hao/Salam! My name is David Chou. I earned my MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from Kent State University in 2014. Currently, I am doing the International Higher Education Certificate Program. I like to travel, make new friends, learn new languages, and experience new cultures. Being a Global Ambassador would definitely give me a great opportunity to utilize what I have learned from the past to assist international students with both their academic and non-academic needs. I sincerely look forward to welcoming new international students and helping them adjust to our lovely and vibrant Kent State community both smoothly and successfully.


My name is Mengting Yuan and go by Doreen, I am a third-year Fashion Merchandising and Marketing student with a minor in International Business. I was born and raised in China, I am excited to join the Global Ambassador program and work with other international students. I wish to be more exposed to other cultures and languages through the program and share my experience as an international student to help them go through the transition.


I am Fehintolu Adebanjo, a Graduate student of Public Health from Lagos, Nigeria. I love travelling, reading, outdoor activities and meeting people. My career goal involves working in an intergovernmental organization and setting up a social enterprise. I am eager to meet and welcome international students to the wonderful community of Kent State and helping them adjust seamlessly to our delightful eco-friendly environment.

Haoran Sun

Hello everyone! My name is Haoran Sun, and I am a doctoral student in the Physics department.  My hobbies include music, soccer, fishing and geek techs.  So far, I am  on my way to get my doctoral degree, and my final goal is to be a scientist !  It is awesome  to be a Global Ambassador and share your passion with people from different cultures!
Hello, I am Joram Rana and I am from Nepal. I am a junior at Kent State. I am majoring in Biotechnology with a minor in Chemistry. I love hiking, trail walking, rock climbing, playing  all kinds of sports and working out. My life goal is to be a scientist. I am excited to be a global ambassador and meet people all over the world and learn new things.

Liberty York

Hello, my name is Liberty York and I am a Sophomore in the College of Business at Kent State. I love baseball, movies, music, traveling, and trying new things. I am on my way toward a double major in marketing and accounting, and my final goal is to one day work and live out of the country. I am so excited to have the opportunity to learn about new cultures and share mine with others!

Marzuka Ayeshey

This is Marzuka Ayeshey. I'm a junior and majoring in Architecture. I love arts,crafts and designs. Anything related to color fascinates me. I'm also a shopaholic. Best thing that I like to do is traveling, finding out new places, driving, kayaking and sleeping. My dream is to travel the world and learn different cultures and their food.

Reuben Francis

Hello, my name is Reuben Francis. I'm a junior who is majoring in Political Science and History. I was born in India and spent my childhood traveling to and growing up in various different countries. As such, I have a lot of respect for different cultures and I love meeting new people. I also like making music, skiing, reading and watching Netflix. Looking forward to being a Global Ambassador!
My name is Suryanarayanan Elapully Suresh, I know it's a super long name. I am a undergraduate studying majoring in Accounting. I went on a tour of the campus before choosing my colleges and I really loved how student and the staffs were well connected with each other here which is why i choose KSU.  I play PS4 and basketball and Cavs being my favourite team. I watch soccer cricket along with basketball and field hockey. I also play cricket and soccer for fun. Making new friends and helping other students is what I look over when I joined the Global Ambassadors program.

Tam Nguyen

Hi, my name is Tam and I'm a Fulbrighter from Vietnam. Currently, I'm doing my master's in Public Health and I have stayed in Kent for one year. I remembered when I first came to the U.S. last August, everything was so new and scared to me. I even lost in campus for several times. However, I'm so lucky to have many good friends, both international and American ones, who have helped me a lot. Thanks to them, I have experienced many new places, events, and have more friends. I understand how many challenges international students have to face both in daily and academic life and I know my life would be much different without friends in Kent. That is why I wanted to become a global ambassador, to be friend and support new international students to adapt and enjoy life here in Kent in general and as a student in Kent State University.