Congratulations on taking the first step to taking a group of students abroad!  To assist you in your program development, the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs Committee has created a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Manual to aid in the process and provide you with the necessary forms to fill out.  This site will touch on topics which are expanded upon in the manual, so you are encouraged to read the manual carefully.

Overview of steps to creating a successful study abroad program

  • Plan early – up to a year in advance
  • Identify an academic purpose
  • Create a tentative academic syllabus and travel itinerary
  • Submit your proposal to your department, school, or college
  • Meet with the Office of Global Education: Education Abroad division
  • Construct a budget and identify the payment procedure
  • Create program application materials
  • Submit program application and related documents to Education Abroad
  • Review of program by the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs Committee
  • Finalize the travel itinerary
  • Create marketing materials – hold information sessions
  • Accept students and create roster
  • Attend pre-departure orientation  for faculty and pre-departure orientation for students
  • Complete final pre-departure requirements
  • Enjoy your adventure abroad!
  • Upon return, touch base with Education Abroad to review the program


  • Kent State University already has many partnerships with universities abroad that can be potential in country partners and resources.  Contact the Office of Global Education for a list of these partners.
  • Get contracts when working with travel agents, third party providers, or other institutions.
  • Do not advertise a concrete program price unless that is the absolute final price; provide estimated prices.  The manual includes a worksheet to help you create a budget.


As a faculty leader you must prepare yourself as much as possible for crisis management.  The Office of Global Education has created a risk management and emergency response manual, as well as training programs for faculty-leaders.  The manual can help you prepare yourself and your students before going abroad, as well as give advice on steps to take in case of an emergency.  You will receive an updated copy of the manual before you lead a program abroad.