EDST 40095 Leadership

Course Name: EDST 40095 Leadership

Description: Against the back drop of beautiful Florence, Italy, students will have an opportunity to explore traits and skills of effective leadership across a variety of fields.  This class will explore leadership as it is manifested in Florence’s art, politics, business, and educational realms, together with reflection on American culture and how it may compare and contrast with respect to the basic tenets of leadership. Healthy and effective leadership skills, for both personal and professional life, will be explored and practiced.  Students studying in any discipline will benefit from the exploration of their own leadership style and how it may relate to what is demonstrated in the many facets of Florence’s rich arts and culture.  With this opportunity to explore and reflect on their own leadership potential, students will also be provided with the occasion to improve and enhance their leadership abilities to better serve them, and others, in their chosen field of study. Activities each week will aid in the exploration of a multitude of leadership qualities and skills.  Resources of Florence and KSU FSI will be tapped to enhance student learning by way of hands-on activities.
Skills learned in this course will serve students in a whole host of professional settings. Students’ personal lives may also be enhanced by the application of learned leadership attributes

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: None