Paris American Academy


About the Paris American Academy Program

At Paris American Academy (PAA) you will get the chance to study in one of the world’s fashion and design capitals. Students from fashion and interior design will take part in field trips, workshops, lectures, and activities that are designed to expand their understanding of the market. In addition, they will complete a full course load and can acquaint themselves with Paris and France. 

Paris American Academy is centered in the famous Paris Latin Quarter, less than a mile from Notre-Dame cathedral and a few blocks from the Luxembourg Gardens. PAA draws upon Paris’ vibrant cultural and artistic heritage, stretching its campus across the city’s museums, exhibits and cafes. Classes are mainly held in the Pavilion du Val de Grace, a 17th century building. Recently renovated, this six-level building also serves as the Academy of Art Gallery. Other studio spaces and administration offices are located in an adjacent building.



  • Comprehensive orientations before you leave the States and when you arrive in France prepare you for life in Paris. PAA’s staff is there to get you settled and is available all semester to help with everything from a medical emergency to a restaurant recommendation. PAA’s faculty provide an outstanding education in the classroom and out, capitalizing on the Parisian setting with museum visits and field trips.
  • Instruction is in English, with the opportunity of taking French language. All Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design courses are transferable to Kent State University. If you’re not a Kent State student, it’s easy to enroll as a guest, and a transcript will automatically be sent to your home university.

Why Paris American Academy?

Career Advancement

Study abroad gives you an edge in the job hunt. It distinguishes you as adventurous, creative, flexible and adaptable – all traits employers look for. A recent study found that students who studied abroad landed jobs in their fields sooner and earned higher starting salaries than students who did not. Effective communication across cultures has become critical in all professions, and your background in this area will set you apart. Office of Global Education workshops can help you articulate the value of your experience on your resume and in interviews.

Personal Growth

No one who studies abroad can be unchanged by the experience. It is truly transformative. Expect to return home more independent and confident, with improved problem-solving and leadership skills. Students who study abroad learn about themselves as they learn about the world. Many find new directions and passions and form lifelong friendships. They are empowered by accomplishments large and small, from a brief French conversation with a shopkeeper to picking the perfect plane/train/bus/taxi combination to get to the Eiffel Tower.

Increased Global Awareness

How do you begin to understand the world beyond your borders if you’ve never witnessed it? As a Kent State student at the Paris American Academy, you aren’t just a tourist, you’re a member of the community, sharing a daily routine with local Parisian residents and beginning to understand life through the lens of another culture. Being exposed to diverse ways of life and facing the challenges of cross-cultural communication are essential to becoming a global citizen, which is so important in today’s highly interdependent political and economic systems